Life cycle assessment of drinking and hot water supply by Grohe faucet systems

Detailed project description

Project duration: 2021

Project partner:

  • Grohe AG


Grohe AG offers various kitchen faucets for the treatment of tap water. The GROHE Blue water system is based on a water filter that improves the taste of tap water and, depending on the model, reduces limescale and adds minerals. In addition, the filtered water can be carbonated and cooled. When the classic faucet lever is pressed, you get tap water as usual. An illuminated LED push button activates the filter and allows you to draw chilled or sparkling water from the faucet. Two separate internal waterways ensure that filtered water does not mix with tap water.

In addition, the GROHE Red system offers the provision of boiling hot water directly from the faucet. Both product solutions are offered for both residential and commercial use.

The extent to which these ways of providing drinking water are advantageous compared to mineral water or hot water by kettle is being investigated in this research project using the LCA assessment tool. A life cycle assessment analyzes and evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a product along its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the use phase of the products and their disposal.