Spring School 2011 - Talks & Posters

Talks of the Participants
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Leandro del Pezzo, Buenos Aires:
Title: Discontinuous Galerkin method for the p(x)- Laplacian

Afaf Bouharguane, Montpellier:
Title: A nonlinear and nonlocal model for dune morphodynamics

Faustino Maestre, Sevilla:
Title: Homogenization for the wave equation

Marcin Malogrosz, Warsaw:
Title: Models of morphogen transport: global solutions and asymptotics

Farid Bozorgnia, Lissabon
Title: Numerical approximations for variational problems of spatial segregation of reaction-diff usion system

Kaushik Bal, Pau
Title: On a Singular Evolution Equation

Richard Norton, Oxford
Title: Finite element approximation error for an H1 gradient flow

Martin Lukarevski, Hannover
Title: Evolution equation for the Stefan Problem

Posters of the Participants
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Maria Anguiano, Sevilla
Title: The Kneser Property for reaction-di ffusion equations in some unbounded domains (poster in pdf)

Caroline Bauzet, Pau
Title: On the stochastic Barenblatt-Sobolev equation (poster in pdf)

Ewelina Zatorska, Warsaw
Title: The existence of solutions to the compressible Navier-Stokes system via time discretization (poster in pdf)

Rafal Celinski, Wroclaw
Title: Asymptotics behaviour in one dimensional model of interacting particles (poster in pdf)

Francisco Suarez-Grau, Sevilla
Title: On the Navier boundary condition for viscous fluids in a thin domain covered by very small asperities (poster in pdf)

Diana Stan, Madrid
Title: Dispersive Estimates for Discrete Schrodinger Equations (poster in pdf)

Jochen Abhau, Linz
Title: A numerical study of time-splitting spatial discretizations for nonlinear Schrödinger equations: Spectral approximations versus finite elements (poster in pdf)

Lubomira Softova, Naples
Title: Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for divergence form parabolic equations in Reifenberg flat domains

Cristian Morales-Rodrigo, Sevilla
Title: Asymptotic behavior of global solutions to a model of cell invasion (poster in pdf)

Martin Meyries, Karlsruhe
Title: Reaction-diffusion systems with nonlinear dynamic boundary conditions

Aneta Wróblevska, Warschau
Title: Existence result to the motion of several rigid bodies in an incompressible non-Newtonian fluid with growth conditions in Orlicz spaces (poster in pdf)

Tetyana Stulova, Charkiv
Title: On some differential operators of infinite order (poster in pdf)

Elena Sviridova, Voronezh
Title: The Asymptotic Behavior of Solution of one problem of dynamic of nonviscous stratified Fluid

André Fiebach, Berlin
Title: Finite-Volume-Approximation of the Michaelis-Menten-Kinetik

Nilay Duruk Mutlubas, Istanbul
Title: Global existence and blow-up results for some problems in nonlinear elasticity (poster in pdf)

Roman Sedakov, Limerick
Title: Phase separation in diblock copolymers

Nurcan Gücüyenen, Izmir
Title: Iterative operator splitting method for capillary formation model in tumor angiogenesis problem: Analysis and Application (poster in pdf)

Natalia Rozhenko, Odessa
Title: Inverse Sturm-Liouville problem on equilateral regular tree