Lehrstuhl SRS - Control Theory

Wintersemester 2019/20

Control Theory

Course Control Theory (3L, 1E, 1P)
Target group ISE Master Program, ME
URL oft he course http://www.uni-due.de/srs/v-rth_en.shtml
Lecturer Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Söffker
Assistant Mark Spiller, M.Sc.
Place SG 135
Day Friday
Time 3.00-6.30 pm
First course

October, 18th

Last course January, 31st
Thursday, 10.00 - 11.30am, MB 326
Prerequesites Exam in Control Engineering - strong knowledge in dynamics (SISO, time and frequency domain)

For those, not familiar with contents of Control Engineering, we offer a Preparatory Practical Exercise. Please see the separate announcements.

Literature Textbooks (> Library):
Ogata, K.: Modern Control Engineering 3. Edition, Prentice H.
Lunze, J.: Regelungstechnik 2, Springer
Ludyk, G.: Theoretische Regelungstechnik Vol 1/2, Springer
Franklin, G.: Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 4th ed.
Unit Topic: Chapter (Ogata): Chapter (Lunze):
1 State space 11.1 – 11.5 1-2.6
2 Controllability and observability 11.6 f. 3
3 Pole placement 12.1-12.4 6
4 State observers 12.5-12.6 8.1-8.2
5 Design of servo systems / Robust control 12.7 f. 4-5
6 Lyapunov stability 13.1-13.3  
7 Model reference control 13.4-13.5  
8 Quadratic optimal 13.6 7.1-7.5
9 Advanced approaches    
10 Discrete systems / discrete design   11-14

Practical Exercise Mandatory, individually graded. See separate announcement. (Attention: Attestation for practical exercises will take place on December, 20th during lecture time. Please check the relevant announcements).
Exam Written exam, closed book, in the examination period.

Description [PDF]

General information
  • Laboratory policy [PDF]

Lecture material

  • Definitions [PDF] (27.09.2017)
  • Tables of Laplace transformation [PDF] (23.01.2014)

Lecture material first lecture 'for free': print it out and take it with you! [PDF]

  • LU-0 Preliminary remarks [PDF]
  • LU-1-2 Introduction, description, and behavior [PDF]
  • LU-3 Behavior and stability of MIMO-systems [PDF]
  • LU-4 Transfer behavior [PDF]
  • LU-5 Controllability / Observability [PDF]
  • LU-6-7 MIMO-Control systems / State- and Output Control [PDF]
  • LU-8 Estimating (and filtering) states [PDF]
  • LU-9-10 Stability/ Optimal design [PDF]
  • LU-11 Disturbance estimation and compensation [PDF]
Exercises material
  • Exercises [PDF]
  • Sample tasks with solutions [PDF]
  • Additional exercises [PDF]
Tutrorial material
  • Tutorial Schedule
  • Tutorial exercises [PDF]

Actual Information


Due to another use of the lecture hall and due to a public holiday the next lecture will be given Nov. 8th, 2019, 03.00 pm.


Lecture material first lecture 'for free': print it out and take it with you! [PDF]