Frequently Asked Questions for International applicants

Non-ERASMUS applicants

  1. How do I enroll in the institutes study programmes?

All study programmes are open and without restricted admission. If you fulfill the requirements, online-enrolment is possible. Learn more here:


  1. Do I need to be proficient in German in order to enroll?

Yes, proof of German proficiency at DHS level 2 is required in order to enroll for all study programmes at the UDE. There is an option to register as a German-learning student, before joining the study programme. Please consult the international office for more information, here:


  1. I am a non-EU citizen and would like to enroll in a study programme at the Institute for Turkistik. Are there special rules that apply?

Yes, there are some requirements. Please consult the International Office to know, which documents you need to provide and for general questions on the enrollment process. Get in contact here:

Also consult Study in Germany


  1. My application status hasn’t changed. I have not received any reply to my application.

Please be patient. Especially during the summer administration can sometimes take a few weeks to process your request. Use the time to check, whether you uploaded all of the required documents. If you did, please contact the enrolment office for BA and MA programmes or for teachers'programmes respectively.

If you have not heard from the university until September 1st, please contact Sevgi Cikrikci and include your application number.

Incoming ERASMUS students


  1. I want to visit the Institute for Turkistik as an ERASMUS student. What do I need to do?

Please find information here and contact the ERASMUS-appointee.


  1. What language will the classes be taught in?

Most classes at the institute of Turkistik are taught in Turkish. German proficiency is necessary for communication with the UDE administration.