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Andrea Musacchio

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Prof. Dr. Andrea Musacchio

Max Planck institute of Molecular Physiology
Otto-Hahn-Staße 11
44227 Dortmund

Research Overview

  • Spindle assembly checkpoint components and functions
  • Spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) signalling
  • Mitotic checkpoint complex (MCC)
  • Anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C)
  • Structural organization of the kinetochore
  • Analyses of localization dependencies of kinetochore proteins
  • Kinetochore receptors of checkpoint components
  • Kinetochore–microtubule attachment
  • Homeostatic control of mitotic arrest
  • Sensitivity of cancer cells to antitubulin chemotherapeutics

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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Pesenti, Marion E.; Raisch, Tobias; Conti, Duccio; Walstein, Kai; Hoffmann, Ingrid; Vogt, Dorothee; Prumbaum, Daniel; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the human inner kinetochore CCAN complex and its significance for human centromere organization
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 82 (2022) Nr. 11, pp. 2113 - 2131.e8
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Singh, Priyanka; Pesenti, Marion E.; Maffini, Stefano; Carmignani, Sara; Hedtfeld, Marius; Petrovic, Arsen; Srinivasamani, Anupallavi; Bange, Tanja; Musacchio, Andrea
    BUB1 and CENP-U, Primed by CDK1, Are the Main PLK1 Kinetochore Receptors in Mitosis
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 81 (2021) Nr. 1, pp. 67 - 87.e9
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Pesenti, Marion E; Prumbaum, Daniel; Auckland, Philip; Smith, Charlotte M; Faesen, Alex C; Petrovic, Arsen; Erent, Muriel; Maffini, Stefano; Pentakota, Satyakrishna; Weir, John R; Lin, Yu-Chih; Raunser, Stefan; McAinsh, Andrew D; Musacchio, Andrea
    Reconstitution of a 26-Subunit Human Kinetochore Reveals Cooperative Microtubule Binding by CENP-OPQUR and NDC80.
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 71 (2018) Nr. 6, pp. 923 - 939.e10
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Weith, Matthias; Seiler, Jonas; van den Boom, Johannes; Kracht, Matthias; Hülsmann, Julia; Primorac, Ivana; Del Pino Garcia, Javier; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Musacchio, Andrea; Bollen, Mathieu; Meyer, Hemmo
    Ubiquitin-Independent Disassembly by a p97 AAA-ATPase Complex Drives PP1 Holoenzyme Formation
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 72 (2018) Nr. 4, pp. 766 - 777
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Faesen, Alex C.; Thanasoula, Maria; Maffini, Stefano; Breit, Claudia; Müller, Franziska; Van Gerwen, Suzan; Bange, Tanja; Musacchio, Andrea
    Basis of catalytic assembly of the mitotic checkpoint complex
    In: Nature Vol. 542 (2017) Nr. 7642, pp. 498 - 502
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687
  • Weir, John R.; Faesen, Alex C.; Klare, Kerstin; Petrovic, Arsen; Basilico, Federica; Fischböck, Josef; Pentakota, Satyakrishna; Keller, Jenny; Pesenti, Marion E.; Pan, Dongqing; Vogt, Doro; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Herzog, Franz; Musacchio, Andrea
    Insights from biochemical reconstitution into the architecture of human kinetochores
    In: Nature Vol. 537 (2016) Nr. 7619, pp. 249 - 253
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687
  • Petrovic, Arsen; Keller, Jenny; Liu, Yahui; Overlack, Katharina; John, Juliane; Dimitrova, Yoana N.; Jenni, Simon; van Gerwen, Suzan; Stege, Patricia; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Rombaut, Pascaline; Herzog, Franz; Harrison, Stephen C.; Vetter, Ingrid R.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Structure of the MIS12 Complex and Molecular Basis of Its Interaction with CENP-C at Human Kinetochores
    In: Cell Vol. 167 (2016) Nr. 4, pp. 1028 - 1040.e15
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Faesen, Alex C.; Musacchio, Andrea
    The (phospho) needle in the (MELT) haystack
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 57 (2015) Nr. 5, pp. 765 - 766
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Petrovic, Arsen; Mosalaganti, Shyamal; Keller, Jenny; Mattiuzzo, Marta; Overlack, Katharina; Krenn, Veronica; De Antoni, Anna; Wohlgemuth, Sabine; Cecatiello, Valentina; Pasqualato, Sebastiano; Raunser, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
    Modular Assembly of RWD Domains on the Mis12 Complex Underlies Outer Kinetochore Organization
    In: Molecular Cell Vol. 53 (2014) Nr. 4, pp. 591 - 605
    ISSN: 1097-2765; 1097-4164
  • Musacchio, Andrea
    Travel notes from the equatorial circle
    In: Cell Vol. 146 (2011) Nr. 4, pp. 499 - 501
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Ciferri, Claudio; Pasqualato, Sebastiano; Screpanti, Emanuela; Varetti, Gianluca; Santaguida, Stefano; Dos Reis, Gabriel; Maiolica, Alessio; Polka, Jessica; De Luca, Jennifer G.; De Wulf, Peter; Salek, Mogjiborahman; Rappsilber, Juri; Moores, Carolyn A.; Salmon, Edward D.; Musacchio, Andrea
    Implications for kinetochore-microtubule attachment from the structure of an engineered Ndc80 complex
    In: Cell Vol. 133 (2008) Nr. 3, pp. 427 - 439
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Mapelli, Marina; Massimiliano, Lucia; Santaguida, Stefano; Musacchio, Andrea
    The Mad2 conformational dimer : structure and implications for the spindle assembly checkpoint
    In: Cell Vol. 131 (2007) Nr. 4, pp. 730 - 743
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Penengo, Lorenza; Mapelli, Marina; Murachelli, Andrea G.; Confalonieri, Stefano; Magri, Laura; Musacchio, Andrea; Di Fiore, Pier P.; Polo, Simona; Schneider, Thomas R.
    Crystal structure of the ubiquitin binding domains of rabex-5 reveals two modes of interaction with ubiquitin
    In: Cell Vol. 124 (2006) Nr. 6, pp. 1183 - 1195
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • DeLuca, Jennifer G.; Gall, Walter E.; Ciferri, Claudio; Cimini, Daniela; Musacchio, Andrea; Salmon, Edward D.
    Kinetochore microtubule dynamics and attachment stability are regulated by Hec1
    In: Cell Vol. 127 (2006) Nr. 5, pp. 969 - 982
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Ter Haar, Ernst; Musacchio, Andrea; Harrison, Stephen C.; Kirchhausen, Tomas
    Atomic structure of clathrin : a β propeller terminal domain joins an α zigzag linker
    In: Cell Vol. 95 (1998) Nr. 4, pp. 563 - 573
    ISSN: 0092-8674; 1097-4172
  • Musacchio, Andrea; Noble, Martin; Pauptit, Richard; Wierenga, Rik; Saraste, Matti
    Crystal structure of a Src-homology 3 (SH3) domain
    In: Nature Vol. 359 (1992) Nr. 6398, pp. 851 - 855
    ISSN: 0028-0836; 1476-4687