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Prof. Dr. Barbara M. Grüner

Department of Medical Oncology
West German Cancer Center (WTZ)
University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstraße 55
45122 Essen

Research Overview

Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Metastasis and Therapy Resistance
Several factors contribute to the poor outcome of cancer patients, but the ability of cancer cells to leave the primary tumor and establish inoperable metastases is a major impediment to successful therapy. Although most cancer patients die of complications resulting from the effects of metastases, the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms that endow a tumor cell with the ability to leave the primary tumor, survive during transit through the blood, and establish and maintain a new tumor in a secondary organ remain incompletely understood.
Using advanced patient-derived murine tumor models of Pancreatic Cancer that closely resemble the human disease and combining those with powerful quantitative genetic tools we are scrutinizing the molecular mechanisms that allow cancer cells to metastasize and how this process can be inhibited. Given the cancer’s high intrinsic resistance to established and newly developed targeted therapies we furthermore use these models to study the underlying mechanisms of resistance and how they can be overcome, getting one step closer to personalized, efficient cancer therapy.
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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Chuang, Chen-Hua; Dorsch, Madeleine; Dujardin, Philip; Silas, Sukrit; Ueffing, Kristina; Hölken, Johanna M; Yang, Dian; Winslow, Monte M.; Grüner, Barbara M.
    Altered mitochondria functionality defines a metastatic cell state in lung cancer and creates an exploitable vulnerability
    In: Cancer Research Vol. 81 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 567 - 579
  • Grüner, Barbara M.; Fendt, Sarah-Maria
    Cancer cells stock up in lymph vessels to survive
    In: Nature Vol. 585 (2020) Nr. 7823, pp. 36 - 37
  • Yang, Dian; Qu, Fangfei; Cai, Hongchen; Chuang, Chen-Hua; Lim, Jing Shan; Jahchan, Nadine; Grüner, Barbara M.; Kuo, Christin S.; Kong, Christina; Oudin, Madeleine J.; Winslow, Monte M.; Sage, Julien; S. Kuo, Christin
    Axon-like protrusions promote small cell lung cancer migration and metastasis
    In: eLife Vol. 8 (2019) pp. e50616
  • Chuang, Chen-Hua; Greenside, Peyton G.; Rogers, Zoë N.; Brady, Jennifer J.; Yang, Dian; Ma, Rosanna K.; Caswell, Deborah R.; Chiou, Shin-Heng; Winters, Aidan F.; Grüner, Barbara M.; Ramaswami, Gokul; Spencley, Andrew L.; Kopecky, Kimberly E.; Sayles, Leanne C.; Sweet-Cordero, E Alejandro; Li, Jin Billy; Kundaje, Anshul; Winslow, Monte M.
    Molecular definition of a metastatic lung cancer state reveals a targetable CD109-Janus kinase-Stat axis
    In: Nature Medicine Vol. 23 (2017) Nr. 3, pp. 291 - 300
  • Grüner, Barbara M.; Schulze, Christopher J.; Yang, Dian; Ogasawara, Daisuke; Dix, Melissa M.; Rogers, Zoë N.; Chuang, Chen-Hua; McFarland, Christopher D.; Chiou, Shin-Heng; Brown, J. Mark; Cravatt, Benjamin F.; Bogyo, Matthew; Winslow, Monte M.
    An in vivo multiplexed small-molecule screening platform
    In: Nature Methods Vol. 13 (2016) Nr. 10, pp. 883 - 889
  • Grüner, Barbara M.; Winkelmann, Isabel; Feuchtinger, Annette; Sun, Na; Balluff, Benjamin; Teichmann, Nicole; Herner, Alexander; Kalideris, Evdokia; Steiger, Katja; Braren, Rickmer; Aichler, Michaela; Esposito, Irene; Schmid, Roland M.; Walch, Axel; Siveke, Jens
    Modeling therapy response and spatial tissue distribution of erlotinib in pancreatic cancer
    In: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Vol. 15 (2016) Nr. 5, pp. 1145 - 1152
  • Denny, Sarah K.; Yang, Dian; Chuang, Chen-Hua; Brady, Jennifer J.; Lim, Jing Shan; Grüner, Barbara M.; Chiou, Shin-Heng; Schep, Alicia N.; Baral, Jessika; Hamard, Cécile; Antoine, Martine; Wislez, Marie; Kong, Christina S.; Connolly, Andrew J.; Park, Kwon-Sik; Sage, Julien; Greenleaf, William J.; Winslow, Monte M.
    Nfib Promotes Metastasis through a Widespread Increase in Chromatin Accessibility
    In: Cell Vol. 166 (2016) Nr. 2, pp. 328 - 342
  • Chiou, Shin-Heng; Winters, Ian P.; Wang, Jing; Naranjo, Santiago; Dudgeon, Crissy; Tamburini, Fiona B.; Brady, Jennifer J.; Yang, Dian; Grüner, Barbara M.; Chuang, Chen-Hua; Caswell, Deborah R.; Zeng, Hong; Chu, Pauline; Kim, Grace E.; Carpizo, Darren R.; Kim, Seung K.; Winslow, Monte M.
    Pancreatic cancer modeling using retrograde viral vector delivery and in vivo CRISPR/Cas9-mediated somatic genome editing
    In: Genes and Development Vol. 29 (2015) Nr. 14, pp. 1576 - 1585
  • Grüner, Barbara M.; Hahne, Hannes; Mazur, Pawel K.; Trajkovic-Arsic, Marija; Maier, Stefan; Esposito, Irene; Kalideris, Evdokia; Michalski, Christoph W.; Kleeff, Jörg; Rauser, Sandra; Schmid, Roland M.; Küster, Bernhard; Walch, Axel; Siveke, Jens
    MALDI imaging mass spectrometry for in situ proteomic analysis of preneoplastic lesions in pancreatic cancer
    In: PLoS ONE Vol. 7 (2012) Nr. 6, pp. e39424
  • Mazur, Pawel K.; Grüner, Barbara M.; Nakhai, Hassan; Sipos, Bence; Zimber-Strobl, Ursula; Strobl, Lothar J.; Radtke, Freddy; Schmid, Roland M.; Siveke, Jens
    Identification of epidermal pdx1 expression discloses different roles of notch1 and notch2 in murine krasG¹²D-induced skin carcinogenesis in vivo
    In: PLoS ONE Vol. 5 (2010) Nr. 10, pp. e13578