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Prof. Dr. Diana Klein

Institute of Cell Biology (Tumor Research)
University Hospital Essen
Virchowstr. 173
45122 Essen

Research Overview

Ionizing radiation leads to DNA damage, which primarily causes rapidly proliferating tumor cells to be damaged and killed. In addition, it has been shown in recent years that the tumor microenvironment, and particularly the stromal endothelial cells and fibroblasts play a crucial role in the radiation response and that the tumor stroma could thus be a promising therapeutic target. Thus, understanding the nature of the tumor environment today may be equally important for future cancer therapies as understanding cancer genetics per se. The research work of this junior research group focuses on the importance of endothelial cells (as well as fibroblasts) and therapy-induced vascular remodeling as well as tissue remodelling for radiosensitivity. Herein, crucial signaling molecules/pathways are aimed to be identified that could serve as therapeutically targets (i) to radiosensitize tumor tissue (and thus improve the efficiency of radiation therapy) or (ii) to protect the normal tissue during radiation (to reduce the risk of radiation-induced normal tissue damage).
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    Journal articles

  • Budeus, Bettina; Unger, Kristian; Hess, Julia; Sentek, Hanna; Klein, Diana
    Comparative computational analysis to distinguish mesenchymal stem cells from fibroblasts
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 14 (2023)
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  • Zec, Kristina; Thiebes, Stephanie; Bottek, Jenny; Siemes, Devon; Spangenberg, Philippa; Trieu, Duc Viet; Kirstein, Nils; Subramaniam, Nirojah; Christ, Robin; Klein, Diana; Jendrossek, Verena; Loose, Maria; Wagenlehner, Florian; Jablonska, Jadwiga; Bracht, Thilo; Sitek, Barbara; Budeus, Bettina; Klein-Hitpaß, Ludger; Theegarten, Dirk; Shevchuk, Olga; Engel, Daniel Robert
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    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 14 (2023)
    ISSN: 1664-3224
  • Hogh-Binder, Sophia A.; Klein, Diana; Wolfsperger, Frederik; Huber, Stephan M.; Hennenlotter, Jörg; Stenzl, Arnulf; Rudner, Justine
    Protein Levels of Anti-Apoptotic Mcl-1 and the Deubiquitinase USP9x Are Cooperatively Upregulated during Prostate Cancer Progression and Limit Response of Prostate Cancer Cells to Radiotherapy
    In: Cancers Vol. 15 (2023) Nr. 9,
    ISSN: 2072-6694
  • Steens, Jennifer; Klein, Diana
    HOX genes in stem cells : Maintaining cellular identity and regulation of differentiation
    In: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology Vol. 10 (2022)
    ISSN: 2296-634X
  • Wittka, Alina; Ketteler, Julia; Borgards, Lars; Maier, Patrick; Herskind, Carsten; Jendrossek, Verena; Klein, Diana
    Stromal Fibroblasts Counteract the Caveolin-1-Dependent Radiation Response of LNCaP Prostate Carcinoma Cells
    In: Frontiers in Oncology Vol. 12 (2022)
    ISSN: 2234-943X
  • Ritter, Violetta; Krautter, Franziska; Klein, Diana; Jendrossek, Verena; Rudner, Justine
    Bcl-2/Bcl-xL inhibitor ABT-263 overcomes hypoxia-driven radioresistence and improves radiotherapy
    In: Cell Death and Disease Vol. 12 (2021) Nr. 7,
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  • Schoetz, Ulrike; Klein, Diana; Hess, Julia; Shnayien, Seyd; Spoerl, Steffen; Orth, Michael; Mutlu, Samet; Hennel, Roman; Sieber, Anja; Ganswindt, Ute; Luka, Benedikt; Thomsen, Andreas R.; Unger, Kristian; Jendrossek, Verena; Zitzelsberger, Horst; Blüthgen, Nils; Belka, Claus; Unkel, Steffen; Klinger, Bertram; Lauber, Kirsten
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    GPR15 facilitates recruitment of regulatory T cells to promote colorectal cancer
    In: Cancer Research Vol. 81 (2021) Nr. 11, pp. 2970 - 2982
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  • Klein, Diana
    Lung Multipotent Stem Cells of Mesenchymal Nature : Cellular Basis, Clinical Relevance, and Implications for Stem Cell Therapy
    In: Antioxidants and Redox Signaling Vol. 35 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 204 - 216
    ISSN: 1523-0864; 1557-7716
  • Sentek, Hanna; Klein, Diana
    Lung-resident mesenchymal stem cell fates within lung cancer
    In: Cancers Vol. 13 (2021) Nr. 18,
    ISSN: 2072-6694
  • Hansel, Christine; Barr, Samantha; Schemann, Alina V.; Lauber, Kirsten; Hess, Julia; Unger, Kristian; Zitzelsberger, Horst; Jendrossek, Verena; Klein, Diana
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    In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) Vol. 22 (2021) Nr. 13,
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  • Panic, Andrej; Reis, Henning; Wittka, Alina; Darr, Christopher; Hadaschik, Boris; Jendrossek, Verena; Klein, Diana
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  • Steens, Jennifer; Klar, Lea; Hansel, Christine; Slama, Alexis; Hager, Thomas; Jendrossek, Verena; Aigner, Clemens; Klein, Diana
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  • Ketteler, Julia; Wittka, Alina; Leonetti, Daniela; Roy, Victoria Veas; Estephan, Hala; Maier, Patrick; Reis, Henning; Herskind, Carsten; Jendrossek, Verena; Paris, Francois; Klein, Diana
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  • Hansel, Christine; Jendrossek, Verena; Klein, Diana
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  • Steer, Alizée; Cordes, Nils; Jendrossek, Verena; Klein, Diana
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  • Hlouschek, Julian; Ritter, Violetta; Wirsdörfer, Florian; Klein, Diana; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
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  • Klein, Diana
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  • Klein, Diana
    Vascular Wall-Resident Multipotent Stem Cells of Mesenchymal Nature within the Process of Vascular Remodeling: Cellular Basis, Clinical Relevance, and Implications for Stem Cell Therapy
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