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Dr. Johann Matschke

Institute of Cell Biology (Tumor Research)
University Hospital Essen
Virchowstr. 173
45122 Essen

Research Overview

Our research focuses on the role of metabolic reprogramming in cancer cells for intrinsic, microenvironment-induced, and adaptive radioresistance and the identification of associated specific metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer cells suited to improve the cytotoxic efficacy of radiotherapy.
Therefore, we have established various specific in vitro methods for the analysis and evaluation of radiobiology endpoints, cell metabolite levels, real-time metabolic fluxes in normoxia and hypoxia (Seahorse Bioanalyser). We also perform time-resolved metabolome analyses with national and inter-national cooperation partners. Long-term goal is to develop effective strategies for a targeted cancer cell radiosensitization and to identify associated stratification markers.
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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Xiang, Kexu; Kunin, Mikhail; Larafa, Safa; Busch, Maike; Dünker, Nicole; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    α-Ketoglutarate supplementation and NAD+ modulation enhance metabolic rewiring and radiosensitization in SLC25A1 inhibited cancer cells
    In: Cell Death Discovery Vol. 10 (2024) Nr. 1, 27
  • Kebir, Sied; Ullrich, Vivien; Berger, Pia; Dobersalske, Celia; Langer, Sarah; Rauschenbach, Laurèl; Trageser, Daniel; Till, Andreas; Lorbeer, Franziska K.; Wieland, Anja; Wilhelm-Buchstab, Timo; Ahmad, Ashar; Fröhlich, Holger; Cima, Igor; Prasad, Shruthi; Matschke, Johann; Jendrossek, Verena; Remke, Marc; Grüner, Barbara M.; Rösch, Alexander; Siveke, Jens; Herold-Mende, Christel; Blau, Tobias; Keyvani, Kathy; van Landeghem, Frank K H; Pietsch, Torsten; Felsberg, Jörg; Reifenberger, Guido; Weller, Michael; Sure, Ulrich; Brüstle, Oliver; Simon, Matthias; Glas, Martin; Scheffler, Björn
    A Sequential Targeting Strategy Interrupts AKT-Driven Subclone-Mediated Progression in Glioblastoma
    In: Clinical Cancer Research Vol. 29 (2023) Nr. 2, pp. 488 - 500
  • Henning, Yoshiyuki; Willbrand, Katrin; Larafa, Safa; Weißenberg, Gesa; Matschke, Veronika; Theiss, Carsten; Görtz, Gina-Eva; Matschke, Johann
    Cigarette smoke causes a bioenergetic crisis in RPE cells involving the downregulation of HIF-1α under normoxia
    In: Cell Death Discovery Vol. 9 (2023) Nr. 1, 398
  • Dellin, Maurice; Rohrbeck, Ina; Asrani, Purva; Schreiber, Julian A.; Ritter, Nadine; Glorius, Frank; Wünsch, Bernhard; Budde, Thomas; Temme, Louisa; Strünker, Timo; Stallmeyer, Birgit; Tüttelmann, Frank; Meuth, Sven G.; Spehr, Marc; Matschke, Johann; Steinbicker, Andrea; Gatsogiannis, Christos; Stoll, Raphael; Strutz-Seebohm, Nathalie; Seebohm, Guiscard
    The second PI(3,5)P₂binding site in the S0 helix of KCNQ1 stabilizes PIP₂-at the primary PI1 site with potential consequences on intermediate-to-open state transition
    In: Biological Chemistry Vol. 404 (2023) Nr. 4,
  • Xiang, Kexu; Kalthoff, Christian; Münch, Corinna; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    Accumulation of oncometabolite D-2-Hydroxyglutarate by SLC25A1 inhibition: A metabolic strategy for induction of HR-ness and radiosensitivity
    In: Cell Death and Disease Vol. 13 (2022) Nr. 7, 641
  • Henning, Yoshiyuki; Blind, Ursula Sarah; Larafa, Safa; Matschke, Johann; Fandrey, Joachim
    Hypoxia aggravates ferroptosis in RPE cells by promoting the Fenton reaction
    In: Cell Death and Disease Vol. 13 (2022) Nr. 7, 662
  • Junghans, Maya; John, Felix; Cihankaya, Hilal; Schliebs, Daniel; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Bader, Verian; Matschke, Johann; Theiss, Carsten; Matschke, Veronika
    ROS scavengers decrease γH2ax spots in motor neuronal nuclei of ALS model mice in vitro
    In: Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience Vol. 16 (2022) 963169
  • Goetting, Isabell; Larafa, Safa; Eul, Katharina; Kunin, Mikhail; Jakob, Burkhard; Matschke, Johann; Jendrossek, Verena
    Targeting AKT-Dependent Regulation of Antioxidant Defense Sensitizes AKT-E17K Expressing Cancer Cells to Ionizing Radiation
    In: Frontiers in Oncology Vol. 12 (2022) 920017
  • Hansel, Christine; Hlouschek, Julian; Xiang, Kexu; Melnikova, Margarita; Thomale, Jürgen; Helleday, Thomas; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    Adaptation to chronic-cycling hypoxia renders cancer cells resistant to mth1-inhibitor treatment which can be counteracted by glutathione depletion
    In: Cells Vol. 10 (2021) Nr. 11, 3040
  • Stein, Jan; Walkenfort, Bernd; Cihankaya, Hilal; Hasenberg, Mike; Bader, Verian; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Röderer, Pascal; Matschke, Johann; Theiss, Carsten; Matschke, Veronika
    Increased ROS-Dependent Fission of Mitochondria Causes Abnormal Morphology of the Cell Powerhouses in a Murine Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    In: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Vol. 2021 (2021) 6924251
  • Matschke, Johann; Larafa, Safa; Jendrossek, Verena
    Metabolic reprograming of antioxidant defense : A precision medicine perspective for radiotherapy of lung cancer?
    In: Biochemical Society Transactions Vol. 49 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 1265 - 1277
  • Krysztofiak, Adam; Szymonowicz, Klaudia; Hlouschek, Julian; Xiang, Kexu; Waterkamp, Christoph; Larafa, Safa; Goetting, Isabell; Vega-Rubin-de-Celis, Silvia; Theiss, Carsten; Matschke, Veronika; Hoffmann, Daniel; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    Metabolism of cancer cells commonly responds to irradiation by a transient early mitochondrial shutdown
    In: iScience Vol. 24 (2021) Nr. 11, 103366
  • Götting, Isabell; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    A new twist in protein kinase b/akt signaling : Role of altered cancer cell metabolism in akt-mediated therapy resistance
    In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) Vol. 21 (2020) Nr. 22, pp. 8563
  • Xiang, Kexu; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    Oncometabolites and the response to radiotherapy
    In: Radiation Oncology Vol. 15 (2020) pp. 197
  • Szymonowicz, Klaudia; Krysztofiak, Adam; van der Linden, Jansje; Kern, Ajvar; Deycmar, Simon; Oeck, Sebastian; Squire, Anthony; Koska, Benjamin; Hlouschek, Julian; Vüllings, Melanie; Neander, Christian; Siveke, Jens; Matschke, Johann; Pruschy, Martin; Timmermann, Beate; Jendrossek, Verena
    Proton Irradiation Increases the Necessity for Homologous Recombination Repair Along with the Indispensability of Non-Homologous End Joining
    In: Cells Vol. 9 (2020) Nr. 4, pp. 889
  • Matschke, Veronika; Theiss, Carsten; Matschke, Johann
    Oxidative stress: the lowest common denominator of multiple diseases
    In: Neural Regeneration Research Vol. 14 (2019) Nr. 2, pp. 238 - 241
  • Shannan, B.; Matschke, Johann; Chauvistré, Heike; Vogel, F.; Klein, Diana; Meier, Friedegund; Westphal, Dana; Bruns, Johannes; Rauschenberg, Ricarda; Utikal, Jochen; Forschner, Andrea; Berking, Carola; Terheyden, Patrick; Dabrowski, Evelyn; Gutzmer, Ralf; Rafei-Shamsabadi, David Ali; Meiss, Frank; Heinzerling, Lucie M.; Zimmer, Lisa; Livingstone, Elisabeth; Váraljai, Renáta; Hoewner, A.; Horn, Susanne; Klode, Joachim; Stuschke, Martin; Scheffler, Björn; Marchetto, Aruna; Sannino, Giuseppina; Grünewald, Thomas Georg Philipp; Schadendorf, Dirk; Jendrossek, Verena; Rösch, Alexander
    Sequence-dependent cross-resistance of combined radiotherapy plus BRAFV⁶⁰⁰E inhibition in melanoma
    In: European Journal of Cancer (EJC) Vol. 109 (2019) pp. 137 - 153
  • Hlouschek, Julian; Ritter, Violetta; Wirsdörfer, Florian; Klein, Diana; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    Targeting SLC25A10 alleviates improved antioxidant capacity and associated radioresistance of cancer cells induced by chronic-cycling hypoxia
    In: Cancer Letters Vol. 439 (2018) pp. 24 - 38
  • Hlouschek, Julian; Hansel, Christine; Jendrossek, Verena; Matschke, Johann
    The Mitochondrial Citrate Carrier (SLC25A1) Sustains Redox Homeostasis and Mitochondrial Metabolism Supporting Radioresistance of Cancer Cells With Tolerance to Cycling Severe Hypoxia
    In: Frontiers in Oncology Vol. 8 (2018) pp. 170
  • Matschke, Johann; Wiebeck, Elisa; Hurst, Sebastian; Rudner, Justine; Jendrossek, Verena
    Role of SGK1 for fatty acid uptake, cell survival and radioresistance of NCI-H460 lung cancer cells exposed to acute or chronic cycling severe hypoxia
    In: Radiation Oncology Vol. 11 (2016) Nr. 1, pp. 75 - 87
  • Matschke, Johann; Riffkin, Helena; Klein, Diana; Handrick, René; Lüdemann, Lutz; Metzen, Eric; Shlomi, Tomer; Stuschke, Martin; Jendrossek, Verena
    Targeted Inhibition of Glutamine-Dependent Glutathione Metabolism Overcomes Death Resistance Induced by Chronic Cycling Hypoxia
    In: Antioxidants and Redox Signaling Vol. 25 (2016) Nr. 2, pp. 89 - 107
  • Matschke, Veronika; Piccini, Ilaria; Schubert, Janina; Wrobel, Eva; Lang, Florian; Matschke, Johann; Amedonu, Elsie; Meuth, Sven G; Strünker, Timo; Strutz-Seebohm, Nathalie; Greber, Boris; Scherkenbeck, Jürgen; Seebohm, Guiscard
    The Natural Plant Product Rottlerin Activates Kv7.1/KCNE1 Channels
    In: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry Vol. 40 (2016) Nr. 6, pp. 1549 - 1558
  • Matschke, Johann; Riffkin, H.; Handrick, R.; Klein-Hitpaß, Ludger; Jendrossek, Verena
    Chronic intermittent hypoxia triggers adaptive changes that promote protection against cell death
    In: European Journal of Cancer (EJC) Vol. 49 (2013) Nr. Suppl. 2, pp. 101