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Winfried Siffert

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Prof. Dr. Winfried Siffert

University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstr. 55
45122 Essen

Research Overview

  • Genetics and pathophysiology of intracellular signal transduction,
  • Signal transduction and immune cell function,
  • Role of splice variants of heterotrimeric G proteins in different disorders,
  • Genetics of obesity and cardiovascular disorders (hypertension),
  • Genetic epidemiology.

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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Möhlendick, Birte; Schmid, Kurt Werner; Siffert, Winfried
    The GNAS SNP c.393C>T (rs7121) as a marker for disease progression and survival in cancer
    In: Pharmacogenomics Vol. 20 (2019) Nr. 7, pp. 553 - 562
    ISSN: 1744-8042; 1462-2416
  • Heubner, MartinLeon; Wimberger, Pauline; Kasimir-Bauer, Sabine; Singer, Bernhard B.; Ruf, Peter; Kimmig, Rainer; Siffert, Winfried
    Single nucleotide polymorphism of the EpCAM-coding gene TACSTD1 in patients with ovarian cancer and their potential implications in clinical practice
    In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 32 (2014) Nr. 15 Suppl., pp. e16515
    ISSN: 0732-183X; 1527-7755
  • Wimberger, Pauline; Bachmann, Hagen Sjard; Du Bois, A.; Kimmig, Rainer; Kuhlmann, J. D.; Siffert, Winfried; Sehoull, J.; Wollschlaeger, K.; Huober, J. B.; Hillemanns, P.; Burges, A.; Schmalfeldt, B.; Amlnossadatl, B.; Meier, W.
    The FNTB-609G>C polymorphism as a possible predictive factor for efficacy of lonafarnib-treatment? : Exploratory analysis of a randomized phase II clinical trial in stage IIb-IV ovarian cancer, treated with first-line platinum-based chemotherapy with or without lonafarnib
    In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 32 (2014) Nr. 15 Suppl., pp. e16534
    ISSN: 0732-183X; 1527-7755
  • Siffert, Winfried
    Institutional profile : institute of pharmacogenetics at the university hospital essen
    In: Pharmacogenomics Vol. 14 (2013) Nr. 3, pp. 241 - 243
    ISSN: 1462-2416; 1744-8042
  • Klenke, Stefanie; Siffert, Winfried
    SNPs in genes encoding G proteins in pharmacogenetics
    In: Pharmacogenomics Vol. 12 (2011) Nr. 5, pp. 633 - 654
    ISSN: 1462-2416; 1744-8042
  • Khandanpour, Cyrus; Thiede, Christian; Valk, Peter J.; Sharif-Askari, Ehssan; Nückel, Holger; Lohmann, Dietmar; Horsthemke, Bernhard; Siffert, Winfried; Neubauer, Andreas; Grzeschik, Karl-Heinz; Bloomfield, Clara D.; Marcucci, Guido; Maharry, Kati; Slovak, Marilyn L.; van der Reijden, Bert A.; Jansen, Joop H.; Schackert, Hans K.; Afshar, Khashayar; Schnittger, Susanne; Peeters, Justine K.; Kroschinsky, Frank; Ehninger, Gerhard; Lowenberg, Bob; Dührsen, Ulrich; Möröy, Tarik
    A variant allele of Growth Factor Independence 1 (GFI1) is associated with acute myeloid leukemia
    In: Blood Vol. 115 (2010) Nr. 12, pp. 2462 - 2472
    ISSN: 0006-4971; 1528-0020
  • Nückel, Holger; Frey, Ulrich; Bau, Maja; Sellmann, Ludger; Stanelle, Jens; Dürig, Jan; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Dührsen, Ulrich; Siffert, Winfried
    Association of a novel regulatory polymorphism (-938C>A) in the BCL2 gene promoter with disease progression and survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    In: Blood Vol. 109 (2007) Nr. 1, pp. 290 - 297
    ISSN: 1528-0020; 0006-4971
  • Nückel, Holger; Frey, Ulrich; Sellmann, Ludger; Bau, M.; Dürig, Jan; Dührsen, Ulrich; Siffert, Winfried
    Bax gene G(-248)A promoter polymorphism and chronic lymphocytic leukemia: lack of association with incidence, disease stage and progression-free survival
    In: Leukemia Vol. 20 (2006) Nr. 4, pp. 724
    ISSN: 0887-6924; 1476-5551
  • Frey, Ulrich; Nückel, Holger; Sellmann, Ludger; Siemer, Dörte; Küppers, Ralf; Siemer, Dörte; Küppers, Ralf; Dürig, Jan; Dührsen, Ulrich; Siffert, Winfried
    The GNAS1 T393C polymorphism is associated with disease progression and survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    In: Clinical cancer research Vol. 12 (2006) Nr. 19, pp. 5686 - 5692
    ISSN: 1557-3265
  • Nückel, Holger; Frey, Ulrich; Dürig, Jan; Dührsen, Ulrich; Siffert, Winfried
    Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene 677C>T and 1298A>C polymorphisms are associated with differential apoptosis of leukemic B cells in vitro and disease progression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    In: Leukemia Vol. 18 (2004) Nr. 11, pp. 1816 - 1823
    ISSN: 0887-6924; 1476-5551