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  • Shen, Lu; Kohlhaas, Martha; Enoki, Junichi; Meier, Roland; Schönenberger, Bernhard; Wohlgemuth, Roland; Kourist, Robert; Niemeyer, Felix; van Niekerk, David; Bräsen, Christopher; Niemeyer, Jochen; Snoep, Jacky; Siebers, Bettina,
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  • Chen, Yingzhuang; Montero, Lidia; Luo, Jiang; Li, Junjie; Schmitz, Oliver J.,
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    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2020)
  • Probst, Alexander J.; Vaishampayan, Parag,
    Are we There Yet? Understanding Interplanetary Microbial Hitchhikers using Molecular Methods,
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    Biofouling and me: My Stockholm syndrome with biofilms,
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  • Wittmar, Alexandra; Klug, Jonathan; Ulbricht, Mathias,
    Cellulose/chitosan porous spheres prepared from 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate/dimethylformamide solutions for Cu²⁺ adsorption,
    Carbohydrate Polymers, Vol. 237 (2020), pp. 116135
  • Heimann, Manuel; Friedel Ortega, Klaus Dieter; Behrens, Malte,
    Co₃O₄/BiVO₄ Heterostructures for Photochemical Water Oxidation: The Role of Synthesis Parameters and Preparation Route for the Physico-Chemical Properties and the Catalytic Activity,
    Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie (2020)
  • Hohrenk, Lotta; Itzel, Fabian; Baetz, Nicolai; Tuerk, Jochen; Vosough, Maryam; Schmidt, Torsten Claus,
    Comparison of Software Tools for Liquid Chromatography-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data Processing in Nontarget Screening of Environmental Samples,
    Analytical Chemistry (2020)
  • Kenmoe, Stephane; Spohr, Eckhard,
    Computer modeling of semiconductor nanotubes for water splitting,
    Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, Vol. 19 (2020), pp. 88 - 95
  • Ulbricht, Mathias,
    Design and synthesis of organic polymers for molecular separation membranes,
    Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, Vol. 28 (2020), pp. 60 - 65
  • Hupfeld, Tim; Laurens, Gaétan; Merabia, Samy; Barcikowski, Stephan; Gökce, Bilal; Amans, David,
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  • Scheffel, Florian; Knuschke, Torben; Otto, Lucas; Kollenda, Sebastian; Sokolova, Viktoriya; Cosmovici, Christine; Buer, Jan; Timm, Jörg; Epple, Matthias; Westendorf, Astrid,
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  • Kohsakowski, Sebastian; Seiser, Felix; Wiederrecht, Jan-Philipp; Reichenberger, Sven; Vinnay, Thomas; Barcikowski, Stephan; Marzun, Galina,
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  • Breisch, Marina; Loza, Kateryna; Pappert, Kevin; Rostek, Alexander; Rurainsky, Christian; Tschulik, Kristina; Heggen, Marc; Epple, Matthias; Tiller, Jörg C.; Schildhauer, Thomas A.; Köller, Manfred; Sengstock, Christina,
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    Nanotechnology, Vol. 31 (2020), Is. 5, pp. 055703
  • Höcker, Oliver; Bader, Tobias; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Schulz, Wolfgang; Neusüß, Christian,
    Enrichment-free analysis of anionic micropollutants in the sub-ppb range in drinking water by capillary electrophoresis-high resolution mass spectrometry,
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  • Wunschik, Dennis S.; Ingenbosch, Kim N.; Süss, Philipp; Liebelt, U.; Quint, S.; Dyllick-Brenzinger, M.; Zuhse, Ralf H.; Menyes, Ulf; Hoffmann-Jacobsen, Kerstin; Opwis, Klaus; Gutmann, Jochen Stefan,
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  • Itzel, Fabian; Baetz, Nicolai; Hohrenk, Lotta; Gehrmann, Linda; Antakyali, Demet; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Türk, Jochen,
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  • Vallet, Cecilia; Aschmann, Dennis; Beuck, Christine; Killa, Matthias; Meiners, Annika; Mertel, Marcel; Ehlers, Martin; Bayer, Peter; Schmuck, Carsten; Giese, Michael R. A.; Knauer, Shirley,
    Functional Disruption of the Cancer-Relevant Interaction between Survivin and Histone H3 with a Guanidiniocarbonyl Pyrrole Ligand,
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2020)
  • Pairault, Noël; Zhu, Hui; Jansen, Dennis; Huber, Alexander; Daniliuc, Constantin G.; Grimme, Stefan; Niemeyer, Jochen,
    Heterobifunctional Rotaxanes for Asymmetric Catalysis,
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2020)
  • Purschke, Kirsten; Zoell, Christian; Leonhardt, Juri; Weber, Markus; Schmidt, Torsten Claus,
    Identification of unknowns in industrial wastewater using offline 2D chromatography and non-target screening,
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  • Surmeneva, Maria A.; Koptyug, Andrey; Khrapov, Dmitriy; Ivanov, Yuriy F.; Mishurova, Tatiana; Evsevleev, Sergei; Prymak, Oleg; Loza, Kateryna; Epple, Matthias; Bruno, Giovanni; Surmenev, Roman A.,
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  • Siebeneicher, Simon; Waag, Friedrich; Castillo, Marianela Escobar; Shvartsman, Vladimir; Lupascu, Doru C.; Gökce, Bilal,
    Laser fragmentation synthesis of colloidal bismuth ferrite particles,
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  • Mayer, Christian,
    Life in the context of order and complexity,
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  • Helling, Christoph; Cutsail, George E.; Weinert, Hanns; Wölper, Christoph; Schulz, Stephan,
    Ligand Effects on the Electronic Structure of Heteroleptic Antimony-Centered Radicals,
    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2020)
  • Probst, Alexander J.; Elling, Felix J.; Castelle, Cindy J.; Zhu, Qingzeng; Elvert, Marcus; Birarda, Giovanni; Holman, Hoi-Ying N.; Lane, Katherine R.; Ladd, Bethany; Ryan, M. Cathryn; Woyke, Tanja; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe; Banfield, Jillian F.,
    Lipid analysis of CO₂-rich subsurface aquifers suggests an autotrophy-based deep biosphere with lysolipids enriched in CPR bacteria,
    ISME Journal (2020)
  • Stepula, Elzbieta; König, Matthias; Wang, Xin-Ping; Levermann, Janina; Schimming, Tobias; Kasimir-Bauer, Sabine; Schilling, Bastian; Schlücker, Sebastian,
    Localization of PD-L1 on single cancer cells by iSERS microscopy with Au/Au core/satellite nanoparticles,
    Journal of Biophotonics (2020), pp. e201960034
  • Li, Jiafeng; Tong, Linlin; Xia, Yu; Yang, Hongying; Sand, Wolfgang; Xie, Hongzhen; Lan, Bibo; Zhong, Shuiping; Auwalu, Ali,
    Microbial synergy and stoichiometry in heap biooxidation of low-grade porphyry arsenic-bearing gold ore,
    Extremophiles (2020)
  • Hatai, Joydev; Hirschhäuser, Christoph; Niemeyer, Jochen; Schmuck, Carsten,
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  • Dobaradaran, Sina; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Lorenzo-Parodi, Nerea; Kaziur-Cegla, Wiebke; Jochmann, Maik; Nabipour, Iraj; Lutze, Holger; Telgheder, Ursula,
    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) leachates from cigarette butts into water,
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    Umgang mit Bildern in den Naturwissenschaften – Ein sequenziertes Training der Piktorialen Literalität,
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  • Lackner, Michael; Hille, Marvin; Hasselbrink, Eckart,
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  • Kreuzahler, Mathis; Daniels, Alyssa; Wölper, Christoph; Haberhauer, Gebhard,
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