Essen College of Gender Research


The Essen College of Gender Research

Neither male nor female experience taken alone can deliver a comprehensive ­picture of social reality. For more than 15 years, the Essen College of Gender ­Research (EKfG) has therefore been examining the gender relationship and analysing diversities and commonalities. It considers biological features and their medical consequences, everyday reality, opportunities for social participation, and access to material and immaterial resources. Norms, values and rights are likewise ­included in the analysis in order to arrive at concrete findings for social practice.

The structure of the College with its current 43 members from 7 different faculties guarantees a high degree of interdisciplinarity with wide-ranging opportunities for cooperation, both in research and in promoting young researchers. One of the unique characteristics of the EKfG is its cooperation with members of the Faculty of Medicine under a single roof.