Discuss and exchange Web forum of the UDE

Discuss and exchange experiences and views with other students or find an accommodation.

Friends from everywhere International meeting

Twice a month there is an international meeting organised by the international office inviting everybody interested in sharing there experinces, working out there language skills and meeting new people. 

From students for students Departmental students organisations

Every study course has a departmental students organisation. It consists of students who counsel other students.

Improving language and intercultural skills Tandem language learning

Tandem language learning involves two students or university graduates with different native languages working together in pairs,

  • to learn each other’s language
  • to learn more about each other’s culture and native country
  • to benefit from each other’s knowledge in different contexts (e.g. professional life)
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Services for students Centre of information and media services (ZIM)

The ZIM offers students an internet access, e-mail account, e-learning and much more.

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