Exchange Student Arrival and Enrolment

Before you Arrive

To come or not to come?

First you should contact your Faculty Coordinator at the UDE to find out which classes will be held online and which classes will be in-person.

Then you should check the current travel restrictions to find out if it is possible for you to travel to Germany and under what conditions.


We will send you further information by email to guide you through all of the necessary steps to prepare for your visit including how to make arrangements for visa applications, health insurance and accommodation.


We are preparing an online orientation to help you with your first steps at the UDE, giving you plenty of information as well as a chance to "meet" fellow students. Further details of how to login will be sent by email. 

Enrolment of visiting students

If you are an exchange student and have received an admission letter from the International Office then please wait for us to contact you regarding enrolment. All other visiting students (eg. freemovers, trainees, researchers) who want to enrol for the Summer Semester should contact us by email.

Please attach the following documents to the email:

  1. a copy of the ID page of your passport
  2. a copy of your admission letter (or an invitation letter from the faculty)
  3. your health insurance document (please read this information and bring a confirmation from a German health insurance provider in order to complete enrolment)

If you have a German address, you should include this in the email so that we can post your Student ID card.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding your arrival and enrolment!