Value Creation Management

Lecture Information


The added value of an enterprise is the sum of the added value created by the combination of the production factors labour, resources and materials within the framework of production. The goal of a comprehensive value creation management is the optimization of internal and cross-company value chains in order to identify and eliminate losses and waste within the company.

In this event, modern methods of material and energy flow management will be presented. In the course of this event you will learn and apply the following methods of sustainable strategic as well as tactical-operational planning and control of corporate networks and systems:

  • Introduction to value creation management
  • Sustainable corporate management
  • life cycle assessment
  • understanding of values
  • innovation management
  • lean production

The students

  • can place the concept of value creation in the corporate context,
  • can independently investigate a limited subject area from the field of value creation management using scientific methods of a quantitative and qualitative nature,
  • can transfer the knowledge and methods gained in the lecture to various entrepreneurial questions of value creation management and present them in writing,
  • can critically question and discuss in writing the quality of various management practices of value creation, such as corporate values, life cycle analysis or the concept of lean production.
Composition of the Module Examination / Module Grade
Arithmetic mean of individual grades weighted with CPs.
Examination Requirements
  1. Regular attendance of the lecture with independent preparation and postprocessing
  2. Participation in the exercises within the framework of the lecture with independent preparation and postprocessing
  3. Voluntary additional service: solving exercises for self-study
Written exam (60 minutes)

Thursdays: 10:00 - 11:30 BC 103

  • Vorlesungsskript-Wertschöpfungsmanagement (SoSe 2019, Geldermann)
  • Guinée, J. et al. (2002): Handbook on Life Cycle Assessment: Operational Guide to the ISO Standards. Accessible with restrictions at Google Books.
  • Klöpffer, K.; Grahl, B. (2014): Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), A Guide to Best Practice. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. Accessible online and as hardcopy in the SUB (and also in German).