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  • Muehlbauer, Thomas; Hill, Mathew W.; Heise, Joana; Abel, Leander; Schumann, Ina; Brueckner, Dennis; Schedler, Simon
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  • 2021

  • Schedler, Simon; Leifeld, Pascal; Seidel, Tim; Brueckner, Dennis; Muehlbauer, Thomas
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  • Muehlbauer, Thomas; Abel, Leander; Schedler, Simon; Panzer, Stefan
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  • Schedler, Simon; Abeck, Elisa; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Relationships between types of balance performance in healthy individuals : Role of age
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    ISSN: 1879-2219; 0966-6362
  • 2020

  • Schedler, Simon; Tenelsen, Florian; Wich, Laura; Mühlbauer, Thomas
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  • Schedler, Simon; Brückner, Dennis; Hagen, Marco; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Effects of a Traditional versus an Alternative Strengthening Exercise Program on Shoulder Pain, Function and Physical Performance in Individuals with Subacromial Shoulder Pain : A Randomized Controlled Trial
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  • Schedler, Simon; Brock, Katharina; Fleischhauer, Fabian; Kiss, Rainer; Mühlbauer, Thomas
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  • Schedler, Simon; Brueckner, Dennis; Kiss, Rainer; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Effect of practice on learning to maintain balance under dynamic conditions in children : Are there sex differences?
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  • 2019

  • Schedler, Simon; Kiss, Rainer; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Age and sex differences in human balance performance from 6-18 years of age : A systematic review and meta-analysis
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  • Schwiertz, Gerrit; Brueckner, Dennis; Schedler, Simon; Kiss, Rainer; Mühlbauer, Thomas
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  • Schwiertz, Gerrit; Brückner, Dennis; Schedler, Simon; Kiss, Rainer; Mühlbauer, Thomas
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  • Mühlbauer, Thomas; Wagner, Vincent; Brückner, Dennis; Schedler, Simon; Schwiertz, Gerrit; Kiss, Rainer; Hagen, Marco
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  • 2018

  • Kiss, Rainer; Schedler, Simon; Mühlbauer, Thomas
    Associations Between Types of Balance Performance in Healthy Individuals Across the Lifespan : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    In: Frontiers in Physiology Jg. 9 (2018) S. 1366
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