Veröffentlichungen / Publications

  • Neugebauer, J.; Reckers, L.; Qi, Y.; Zydeck, M.; Theilen, L.;Söffker, D.; el Moctar, O.: Sloshing-Induced Impact Loads and Free Surface Elevation in a Pool in Waves. ISOPE-2023, Ottawa, -, 2023, -, accepted.
  • Zydeck, M., Bakhshande, F.; Söffker, D.: Neural network-based structured mpc: A model predictive control approach. ASME IDETC-2023, Boston, -, 2023, 7, accepted.
  • Zydeck, M.; Sšffker, D.: Machine learning-based prediction of the free fluid surface motion within a partially filled LNG container under consideration of vessel-based external roll excitations. AISS, Duisburg, 2023, submitted.