Kurzvita / CV

2023M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering - Product Engineering,
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering,
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
2020B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering - Production Technology,
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering,
University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany

Veröffentlichungen / Publications

  • Shyshova, O.; Boschmann, W.; Söffker, D.: Risk-Based Analysis of Autonomous System Guidance of Inland Waterway Vessels . ESREL 34th European Safety and Reliability Conference, Cracow, Poland, June 23-27, 2024, accepted.
  • Shyshova, O.; Gadhavi, P.; Tenzer, M.; Tanshi, F.; Söffker, D.: Takeover time: Requirements for highly automated inland vessels: First experimental-based results. IEEE ICHMS, 4th IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems, Toronto, Canada, May 15-17, 2024, accepted.
  • Shyshova, O.; Söffker, D.: Framework for online reliability calculation of autonomous system guidance of inland waterway vessels. 16th Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHM), Nashville, Tennessee, USA, November 10-15, 2024, submitted.
  • Shyshova, O.; Gadhavi, P.; Tenzer, M.; Söffker, D.: Preparation times: An experimental-based discussion about limits for take over in highly automated systems. 2024 IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspectsof Situation Management (CogSIMA), Montreal, Canada, May 7-10, 2024, accepted.
  • Bejaoui, A.; Gadhavi, P.; Shyshova, O.; Söffker, D.: Integration of human factors-related knowledge into decision support systems applied to assisted and automated operating vehicles using examples for inland vessels . European Conference on Safety and Reliability (ESREL), Southampton, United Kingdom, 2023.
  • , [PDF], [Link]
  • Bejaoui, A., Boschmann, W., Donandt, K., Shyshova, O., Thind, N. S., Söffker, D. : Addressing safety and reliability in autonomous inland shipping. Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping Conference (AISS), Duisburg, Germany, Sep, 5-6, 2023.
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