Quarantine rules

If you yourself have coronavirus (as detected by an official rapid test or PCR test)

  • Individuals who have undergone PCR testing for a positive rapid corona test are required to remain in isolation until the test result is available. If the result is negative, isolation is terminated.
  • If the result of a PCR test is positive, or if a person tested positive by a rapid corona test does not take a PCR control test, the person is required to go immediately and directly into isolation. A separate order from the authority is not required for isolation.
  • The end of isolation also does not require an official order. In principle, it ends after ten days from the day of the first onset of symptoms (in particular shortness of breath, new onset of cough, fever and loss of smell or taste), if there is a maximum of 48 hours between the first onset of symptoms and the performance of the first positive test, or the performance of the first positive test (PCR test or previous rapid test).
  • Isolation may be terminated early by testing negative by rapid corona test or PCR test no earlier than the fifth day of isolation; a corona self-test is not sufficient for this purpose. If testing is performed by PCR test, termination of isolation is also permissible in the case of a positive test result with a CT value above 30. If the test result is positive and, if a PCR test has been performed, the CT value is less than or equal to 30, a new test can be performed after 24 hours at the earliest.
  • Even after isolation has ended, continuous wearing of a medical mask, especially when in contact with vulnerable persons, is recommended until the tenth day from the day symptoms first appear or the first positive test is taken.
  • The test record leading to early termination must be retained for at least one month and presented to the competent authority upon request.
  • Irrespective of an existing isolation obligation or an official order for isolation, isolated persons may leave their accommodation used for isolation if this is absolutely necessary for the protection of life and limb or if a medical visit is required.

If you are a contact person who lives in the same household as someone with coronavirus

  • Persons who have been informed of a positive test result from a close contact person or who live in the same household with an infected person are advised to avoid close contact with other persons for 5 days, especially indoors or in groups of people.
  • If possible, it is recommended to work in a home office.

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