Downloads & Documents of the LMU and EMU

General IMCES Forms

>>IMCES Registration Form<<

For the use of the LMU services, this mandatory form serves the general registration as IMCES user. For EMU use, it is also used to register each new user, but also to register new projects, of possibly also already registered users. The EMU procedures require that all measurements can be assigned to individual projects, with their own project number. A new project number must be requested from an EMU staff member before filling out the form.

>>IMCES Biosafety Form<<

If it was stated in the IMCES registration form that wild-type organisms of risk group 2 or genetically modified organisms of risk levels 1 or 2 are to be used in the context of IMCES use, this form must also be completed. This also applies if safety-relevant work is only carried out at a later date after the IMCES registration!

>>IMCES S2-Documentation Form<<

This form must be completed and given to an IMCES staff member after each S2 use of IMCES equipment.

>>IMCES Animal Work Form<<

This form must be completed and submitted to the IMCES team prior to starting any work with live animals.


>>EMU Sample Declaration Form<<

This mandatory form must be enclosed with every sample delivery to EMU for a full service order (preferably digitally by e-mail). Please make sure to enter the correct project number.

>>EMU CLEM Form<<

For correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) measurements, using 3.5 cm ibidi glass bottom chambers with grid, this form can be used to mark the position of the target cells after light microscopic analysis. Please fill in separately for each target cell!

SOPs of LMU instruments

(Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter)

Caliper IVIS Lumina II
(Small animal, in vivo, quantitative, fluorescence and bioluminescence, molecular imaging system)

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico
(Automated cell-imaging and analysis system)

Leica SP8
(Confocal Microscope, STED, TIRF & FLIM)

LaVision BioTec Ultramicroscope II
(Light Sheet Microscope)

LaVision BioTec Ultramicroscope BLAZE
(Light Sheet Microscope)

Zeiss AxioObserver Z.1 ApoTome
(Fluorescence Live-Cell Widefield Microscope)

Zeiss AxioScan
(Slide Scanner)

Zeiss LSM 710 Elyra PS1
(Confocal Microscope, STORM, SIM)

SOPs of EMU instruments

JEOL JEM 1400Plus
(Transmission Electron Microscope)

Zeiss Crossbeam 540
(Scanning Electron Microscope with FIB)