The ImageXpress Pico digital microscope is a fully automated (live) cell imaging system that combines high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis. Multi-day, time-lapse, and live-cell assays can be run using the onboard environmental system with options for humidity, CO2, and O2 (hypoxia) control with real-time monitoring of environmental state, ensuring optimal assay conditions. Whether running fluorescence imaging or brightfield assays, the automated imager also features a comprehensive range of preconfigured protocols for (live) cell-based assays.

Brochure: ​ImageXpress Pico automated imaging system

(Live) cell imaging assays: ImageXpress Pico insights

Automated quantification measurements (be aware every quantification is based on a nuclear marker):

  • counting cells in transmitted light (small cells/large cells, or cells containing fluorescent labels, or beads)
  • counting positive cells with one (or up to three) fluorescent marker (e.g. endocytosis, internalization, cell scoring assays)
  • nucleus / cytoplasma transloction assay
  • skelletonization (blood vessels),
  • neurite tracing (measuring neurite outgrowth)
  • mitotic index

Technical Details:

6 position automated turret with Leica Fluotar air objectives: 4X/0.13, 10X/0.32, 20X/0.4, 40X/0.6 or 63X/0.7

Sony CMOS 5 Mpix.

DAPI, CFP, TRITC, Texas Red, Cy5, Brightfield and RGB.

6- to 384-well plates and 25 mm x 75 mm (1 in. x 3 in.) slides, 35 mm culture dishes.

Environmental control:
Temp: 8ºC - 40ºC (37ºC +/- 0.5 at 23ºC ambient).
CO2: ambient - 15%.
O2: 1-15% and ambient.
Humidity: 85%.