Light MicroscopyLeica MP & FLIM

Technical Details:




Leica TCS SP8 fully automated epifluorescence confocal microscope, with AOTF and AOBS, gated HyD detection, multi Photon (MP) and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging - (FLIM).

On a DM6000 CFS basic frame.


Confocal Scanner:

up to 8 laserlines with AOBS and VISIR scanoptic with scanrotation. 12kHZ tandemscanner (confocal pointscanner/true confocal scanning system) with 3 channel spectral detection consisting of 2PMT and 1 HyD. Detection region 400-800nm.


Nonresonant mode:

Speed  1-1800 Hz

X2Y Scanner Design for maximum scanfield

Max. 7 pic. / sec. 512 x 512

Max  84 pic. / sec. 512 x 16

Max. resolution 8192 x 8192 or 64 Mpixel


Resonant mode:

Linefrequency: 24000 Hz (bidirectional)

Frame rate 512x512 pixel (full screen) up to 40 pic. / sec.

Frame rate bei 512x16 pixel bis zu 428 pic. / sec.

Scan format max.: 832 x 832 pixel

Scan format min.: 16 x 16 pixel

Laser excitation lines:


  • Argon Ion (65 mW): 458nm,476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 514nm. 
  • HeNe (10 mW) 633nm
  • DPSS (20mW) 561nm

Multi photon:

  • Titan:Saphir laser:

  Chameleon Vision II tunable from 680-1040nm (in simultaneous mode 760-860nm)

  with >2,8 W power (at 800 nm)

  Pulse width ~140 fs

  • Compact OPO tunable from 1030-1280nm with >500 mW power (at 1100 nm)

  Pulse width ~200 fs




2 non descanned reflectet light detection filter sets with 2 HyD and 2 PMT: