EMU high-end windows workstation 1 for image processing & reconstruction

Room 2.013 2nd floor MFZ building

This workstation can be used either for local work or for working from another location by means of the ANYDESK distance steering module. The installed software allows processing and segmentation even of very large data stacks, e.g., FIB-SEM image stacks or tomography series. It allows high-end quality 3D-visualisation of segmented structures.
Hardware: 2 Intel XEON E5-2637v4 processors @3,5 GHz, 256 GB RAM, SSD and >2TB HDD, Draw Pad
System: actual Windows 10 64Bit edition
Software: Zeiss Smart Tif V3, Zeiss Atlas 3D, ILASTIK 1.3.0, Image J, Fiji, Irfan View 64Bit, MS Office, ANYDESK