Light MicroscopyLightsheet Ultra Blaze

Download our operating protocol.

And take a look to the whole mount staining iDISCO-Protocol (vers. 2016)


Technical Details:

LaVision BioTec Ultramicroscope fluorescence light sheet imaging for 3D image reconstruction in large samples . Cleared wholemount specimens are illuminated using a thin light sheet and imaged on a high resolution sCMOS camera orthogonal to illumination. Selective illumination ensures decreased photobleaching. System is equipped with dual lightsheet illumination.


Is build by Milteniy Biotec with three available objectives (1.1x, 4x and 12x) additionally you can choose a Zoom of 0.6x, 1x or 2.5x for each objective.


Light sheet excitation lines:
White Light laser (200mW) 480-2400nm



Andor Neo sCMOS camera: scientific low noise sCMOS camera (6.5µmx6.5µm pixel size).


Detection Filters:

ecxitation filter emission filter example color
470/30 525/50 GFP
520/40 585/40 RFP, Cy3
560/40 620/60 Rhodamin
595/20 650/50 AlexaFluor594
630/30 680/30 Cy5
690/20 740/40 Alexa Fluor 700
740/40 824/55 Alexa Fluor 790