IMCES Calendar "Life Beyond Vision"

IMCES-User Contributions for the Annual "Life Beyond Vision" Calendar

All users of the IMCES are invited to submit exciting images for our annual calendar. 

The motifs proposed should be images taken on IMCES equipment, in the light or electron microscopy unit. The selection of motifs is primarily based on aesthetic aspects. We are looking for "eye-catchers" that impressively illustrate the research landscape at our site, although spectacular images of, from a scientific point of view, undesirable results or even experimental artifacts have also made it into previous calendar editions. In this sense, computer-assisted post-processing of the images, for qualitative or aesthetic optimization, is also possible in any case. 

Images must be in a square format and should not fall below a native x-y dimension of 2,056 x 2,056 pixels. Preferred file formats would be *.tif or *.jpg

Only images for which the copyright situation has been clarified can be considered. Please clarify before submission, among all involved persons, that there is a consent from all sides. Please also consider images that have already been used or could be used in (scientific) publications. In this case, the consent of the publisher is usually necessary.

Furthermore, we assume that the images have been created in compliance with all legal requirements, such as genetic engineering, bio-substances or animal protection regulations. 

Please send your suggestions at any time to We usually collect the material until the summer of the previous year for a calendar edition and then publish the submitted contributions, after a general quality check, on our website for a public motif vote among all employees of the UKE and the UDE.