Dr. Hee Kyoung Chang

Dr. Hee Kyoung Chang

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Politikwissenschaft​

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Mosler, Hannes; Chang, Hee Kyoung
    Namnamgaldŭng - Partisan Media Framing of Political Polarization in South Korea
    In: Korea Observer Jg. 50 (2019) Nr. 3, S. 331 - 354
  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

  • Chang, Hee Kyoung
    BTS’s Soft Power and Public Diplomacy : Partnership with UNICEF
    In: South Korean Popular Culture in the Global Context: Beyond the Fandom / Lim, Sojin (Hrsg.) 2022, S. 6 - 24

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Akademische Abschlüsse:

2014    PhD, Department of Political Science, Seoul National University

2003    MA, Department of Political Science, Seoul National University

1999    BA, Department of Education, Yonsei University


Akademischer Werdegang:

2020. 4~ present.  Lecturer, Institute of Political Science (IfP), Institute of East Asian Studies (IN-EAST), University of Duisburg-Essen

2019. 4~2020. 3. Visiting Scholar, Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2015. 10 ~2019. 3. Lecturer, Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2014. 10~2015. 8. Postdoc, Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2011.10~2014. 3   Lecturer, Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2012.10~2014.2     Program Manager, project "Circulation of Knowledge and Dynamics of Transformation", AKS-Overseas Leading University Program for Korean Studies in Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2010.8~2011.8    Research Assistant, "Bridging Hierarchical Legacy with Network based Social Structure", Project funded by Social Science Korea, Seoul National University

2008.7~2010.6    Research Assistant, Project “Globalization of Production” funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea, Seoul National University

2007.7~2008.8    Research Assistant, "Government Agency Service Satisfaction Research", Korea Institute of Public Administration

2006.3~2006.8    Research Assistant, Project “Labor Policy Research: Kaesŏng Industry Complex and Economic Cooperation between North and South Korea and Preparations for Unification”, Labor Administration Training Institute

2005.3~2006.2    Research Assistant, Project “Is 2030 China’s sustainable growth possible?: International and domestic restrictions and China’s response”, Hanssem Research Fund, Seoul National University

2003.5~2005.2    Administrative Assistant, Department of Political Science, Seoul National University

2002.3~2003.2    Research Assistant, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul National University

2001.9~2002.2    Teaching Assistant, Section of Oriental Political Thought, Seoul National University

Lehre und Forschung


► Understanding North Korean Politics

► The Korean Peninsula in IR

► Women’s Civil Movement

► Orientation for outbound exchange students to Korea

► Academic Korean Writing, Korean Language



► Global governance, international regime
► Intellectual property rights in IR
► North Korea in IR
► IR theory



2014.    "Kukjerejim-ǔi pyŏnhwa-wa kyubŏm-ǔi tonghak - kongjungbogŏn kwallyŏn TRIPS-hyŏpjŏng-ǔi kaejŏng-ǔl chungsim-ǔro [International Regime Changes and Norm Dynamics with focus on the TRIPS Agreement's revision]" (Doctoral thesis, Seoul National University, with distinction (usunonmunsang) )

2003.    “90-nyŏndae pukhan-ǔi taemi oegyojŏngch'aek yŏn'gu – haek/misail munje-rǔl chungsim-ǔro [Research on North Korea's policy towards the USA in the 1990s - focusing on the issues of nuclear and missiles]” (Master thesis, Seoul National University)


Aufsätze und Buchkapitel

2022. "Russia's war on Ukraine and the responses from the South Korean civil society," in: Malitz, David and Surachanee Sriyai (eds.). Civil Societies’ Reactions of East- and Southeast Asian Countries to the Russian War on Ukraine: Preliminary Observations. Working Paper Series on East Asian Studies, July 2022, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen, 17-22.

2022. “BTS’ Soft Power and Public Diplomacy: Partnership with UNICEF,” in: Sojin Lim (ed.). South Korean Popular Culture in the Global Context Beyond the Fandom, Routledge, 6-25.

2021. “Chŏnnyŏmbyŏng kwalli-wa kukka-ŭi yŏkhal: ch’ujeok sisŭt’em pyŏnhwa-rŭl t’ongha pon kukka-sahoe-ŭi panŭngsŏng [Epidemic management and the role of the state: State-society responsiveness through changes in tracking systems],” Simin-gwa Saheo 39, 41-87.

2021. "Togil t'ongil 30-junyŏn-gwa sahoet'onghap: ijumin-e taehan tong-sŏdok chiyŏk ch'ai-wa chibaemunhwa [The 30th Anniversary of German Reunification and Social Integration: Dominant Culture and Regional Differences on Immigration in Eastern and Western Germany]," Journal of Korean Politics 30(2), 123-152.

2019. "Namnamgaldŭng - Partisan Media Framing of Political Polarization in South Korea," Korea Observer 50 (3), 331-354. co-author.

2019. "Togil 'sahoeyŏn'gyŏlmang nae pŏpchiphaeng kaesŏn-ǔl wihan pŏmyul (NetzDG)': hyŏmop'yohyŏn-gwa kajja'nyusǔ kyuje [Germany's Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG): Regulating Hate Speech and Fake News]," Issue Briefing No. 60, Institute of International Studies, Seoul National University.

2018.  „Hanbando chŏngsebyŏnhwa-wa p’yŏnghwach’eje [A study on recent changes on the Korean Peninsula and peace regime],” In’gwŏnyŏn’gu [Journal of Human Rights Studies] 1(2), 31-63.

2016.    "Tongdok-kwa Pukhan-ǔi pigyo: Pokchi-wa p'yŏnghwajŏngch'aek-ǔl chungsim-ǔro [Comparing East Germany and North Korea with focus on Welfare and Peace Policies]," in Yi, Pyŏng-ch'ŏn et al. (eds.) Anbogaebalgukka-rǔl nŏmŏ p'yŏnghwabokchigukka-ro - Togir-ǔi kyŏnghŏm-gwa Han'guk-ǔi kwaje [Beyond the Security Development State and towards a Peaceful Welfare State - Germany's Experiences and Korea's Tasks] (Seoul: Sahoep'yŏnghwaak'ademi).

2011.    “Ch’injung-kwa panmi-ǔi kyǒnggye: chungguk kukgaimiji-ǔi kyǒljǒngyoin yǒn’gu [A Choice between Pro-China or Anti-America: A Study on Determinants of the National Image of China among South Koreans],“ Kukjejǒngch’inonjip [Journal for International Politics] 51-chip 4-ho [Vol. 51 No. 4], co-authored by Sangsin Lee.

2009.    “Saengsan segyehwa-ǔi tayangsǒng 1: pigyobunsǒk-ǔl wihan siron [Varieties of Production Globalization 1: An Analytical Scheme for Comparison],“ Han’gukjǒngch’iyǒn’gu [Korean Politics Research] , co-authored by Chang Jae Baik, Hyeong Ki Kwon, Joo Myung Song, Ha Lyong Jung, Sung Hyong Rhee, Byoung Inn Bai, Kyung Mi Kim, So Jeong Lee, Eun Young Cho, Jung Ho Hong.


Vorträge und Konferenzaktivitäten

2022. (panel chair). "North Korea’s Participation in International Environmental Institutions," 2022 Korea Global for Peace - Vision for unification of the Korean peninsula and inter-Korean relations in a transitional era, Seoul, August 30 - September 1, 2022.

2022. “Germany’s strategy in the US-China competition: BRI vs. Indo-Pacific strategy,” New Regionalism in Eurasia: The Challenge of Geopolitical Transition, Korea University, International Studies Hall, August 31, 2022.

2022. "The war on Ukraine and the responses from Korean civil society," Duisburger Ostasiengespräche / East Asia Talks Civil Societies’ Reactions of East- and Southeast Asian Countries to the Russian War on Ukraine, April 26, 2022.

2020. (discussing papers at the panel) "Dynamic International Relations on Korean Peninsula," Korea Global Forum for Peace, Peace and Prosperity on the Korean peninsula: Past, present, and future, Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, September 7 -9, 2020.

2019. "Moon Jae-in-Government’s policy toward North Korea" as part of the panel Evaluating the first two years of the Moon Jae-in-government: accomplishments and challenges at 29th AKSE Conference, 11-14 April 2019, Rome (Italy).

2018. "The ‚me-too’-Movement and Korean Society," Vortragsreihe der Bonner Koreanistik 2018 Sommersemester: „Korea im Umbruch“, Universität Bonn, 24.04.2018, 14‐16 Uhr, HS XI (Hauptgebäude).

2018. "Inner-South Korean Conflicts' Influence on Foreign Policy" in the panel Conflict and Integration between and within Divided Societies in the session RC42 Security, Integration and Unification, 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, to be held in Brisbane (Australia), 21-25 July 2018

2015. “Translating the right to intellectual property in Korea: the TRIPS Agreement”, presentation at the panel “The Translation of ‘Western’ Legal Ideas in Korea: Genesis, Change, and Impact”, Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference, Chicago, March 26-29, 2015.

2011. "Kǔlobǒl kǒbǒnǒnsǔ-ǔi sup'yǒng-jǒk chǒnhwan: TRIPS hyǒpchǒng-ǔi ch'aet'aek-kwa kongjungbogǒnjǒngch'aek-ǔl tullǒssan tohasǒnǒn-ǔi kwajǒng (The Horizontal Shift of Global Governance)," Korean Association of Political Science (KAPSA) Annual Conference, August 2011.

2008. "Do Relative Gains Matter? Focusing on the U.S. Bilateral Trade Policy towards China," 7th Annual East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference on the Asia-Pacific Region, Honolulu, Hawaii, 15 February 2008