Rent media technology

The university provides a broad selection of media devices on both campuses to use in class or externally. For multimedia purposes, we provide projectors, laptops, DVD players, DV recorders, camcorders and more. For IT purposes, we provide notebook clusters (german).

Booking Devices

From now on, electronic devices can only be booked online. With this, we want to optimize our service. You can find further information on the start pages of the device-booking site at Campus Duisburg or at Campus Essen.

Lending Out to Students

Students can only book media technology as part of their studies with an attestation of a teacher. Form for Campus Duisburg [PDF], Form for Campus Essen [PDF]

Please note: Students and student assistants also need this attestation, if they rent a device in the name of a teacher or external lecturer.

Keys for Media Lockers

To use the classrooms’ internal hardware, teachers need special keys. For Campus Essen, you can book those keys online. If you need the keys on Campus Essen over a longer period of time, you can buy sets of keys (price: €10.80).

For Campus Duisburg, please use this form to request a key: Form for Campus Duisburg [PDF]. You can pick up the key during our business hours in the Service Central in LB040.

Drone DJI Phantom 3 Professional

We gladly provide the ZIM Drone (incl. a pilot). The drone has a camera with a maximum image resolution of 4000x3000, ultra HD video: 4096x2160p 24/25 fps, Micro SD and a hard drive capacity of 64GB, Class 10 or UHS-1. You can make recordings with the drone within the scope of legal regulations.

This offer is for UDE employees only. The costs are €50,00 for the first hour plus €20,00 per additional hour.

If you are interested, please contact Sebastian Stein


For any question please contact the service center for media technology.

Campus Duisburg

Business hours

Phone 0203 379-3260
Room LB 040

Campus Essen

Business hours