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Prof. Dr. Doris Hellerschmied-Jelinek

Center of Medical Biotechnology
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstr. 2
45141 Essen

Research Overview

Understanding how cells maintain homeostasis is critical to understanding cell survival during stress. Cells have to withstand stress from changing environmental conditions, such as temperature, pH, nutrient or oxygen supply, but also during cell differentiation and aging. Eukaryotic cells have evolved to use distinct cellular compartments, known as organelles, which maintain homeostatic mechanisms to ensure their distinct functionalities and overall cellular homeostasis. Within the secretory pathway, these stress response mechanisms have been extensively studied at the level of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). In contrast, the mechanism(s) by which the Golgi apparatus deals with unfolded proteins and how it reacts to stress are only beginning to be unraveled.
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    Journal articles

  • Buzuk, Lana; Hellerschmied-Jelinek, Doris
    Ubiquitin-mediated degradation at the Golgi apparatus
    In: Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences Vol. 10 (2023) 1197921
  • Schillinger, Jasmin; Hellerschmied, Doris
    Zellen unter Stress : Entspannung mit Hilfe von Proteinen
    In: Unikate: Berichte aus Forschung und Lehre (2021) Nr. 56, Heft "Junge Wilde" - Die nächste Generation,
  • Hellerschmied, Doris; Lehner, Anita; Franicevic, Nina; Arnese, Renato; Johnson, Chloe; Vogel, Antonia; Meinhart, Anton; Kurzbauer, Robert; Deszcz, Luiza; Gazda, Linn; Geeves, Michael; Clausen, Tim
    Molecular features of the UNC-45 chaperone critical for binding and folding muscle myosin
    In: Nature Communications Vol. 10 (2019) Nr. 1, 4781
  • Hellerschmied, Doris; Serebrenik, Yevgeniy V.; Shao, Lin; Burslem, George M.; Crews, Craig M.
    Protein folding state-dependent sorting at the Golgi apparatus
    In: Molecular Biology of the Cell Vol. 30 (2019) Nr. 17, pp. 2296 - 2308
  • Serebrenik, Yevgeniy V.; Hellerschmied, Doris; Toure, Momar; López-Giráldez, Francesc; Brookner, Dennis; Crews, Craig M.
    Targeted protein unfolding uncovers a Golgi-specific transcriptional stress response
    In: Molecular Biology of the Cell Vol. 29 (2018) Nr. 11, pp. 1284 - 1298
  • Hellerschmied, Doris; Roessler, Max; Lehner, Anita; Gazda, Linn; Stejskal, Karel; Imre, Richard; Mechtler, Karl; Dammermann, Alexander; Clausen, Tim
    UFD-2 is an adaptor-assisted E3 ligase targeting unfolded proteins
    In: Nature Communications Vol. 9 (2018) Nr. 1, 484
  • Lai, Ashton C.; Toure, Momar; Hellerschmied, Doris; Salami, Jemilat; Jaime-Figueroa, Saul; Ko, Eunhwa; Hines, John; Crews, Craig M.
    Modular PROTAC Design for the Degradation of Oncogenic BCR-ABL
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  • Schneider, Maren; Hellerschmied, Doris; Schubert, Tobias; Amlacher, Stefan; Vinayachandran, Vinesh; Reja, Rohit; Pugh, B. Franklin; Clausen, Tim; Köhler, Alwin
    The Nuclear Pore-Associated TREX-2 Complex Employs Mediator to Regulate Gene Expression
    In: Cell Vol. 162 (2015) Nr. 5, pp. 1016 - 1028
  • Hellerschmied, Doris; Clausen, Tim
    Myosin chaperones
    In: Current Opinion in Structural Biology Vol. 25 (2014) pp. 9 - 15
  • Gazda, Linn; Pokrzywa, Wojciech; Hellerschmied, Doris; Löwe, Thomas; Forné, Ignasi; Mueller-Planitz, Felix; Hoppe, Thorsten; Clausen, Tim
    The Myosin Chaperone UNC-45 Is Organized in Tandem Modules to Support Myofilament Formation in C. elegans
    In: Cell Vol. 152 (2013) Nr. 1-2, pp. 183 - 195