Childhood Research Group

Welcome to the Childhood Research Group!

Team Kindheitsforschung is a research group on childhood at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Institute of Pedagogy, at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Cloud Childhood Studies

The early, middle and late childhood and the accompanying differences in living conditions could be regarded as the social basis of our interest. Due to this background and as an educational research group we look carefully at differences in educating children within and outside educational institutions, and the resulting subjectivities. Our central objective is to develop a qualitative educational research on primary education, which investigates the conditions of how social inequality is produced in everyday life, particularly in relation to the categories of gender, national ethno-cultural affiliation, social origin and disability. Thus, we pay attention to the reciprocal influence of schools and family on educational processes of children.

Studies on childhood is a scientific field that is home to both the educational sciences and other disciplines. Research and teaching in this field require a precise theoretical foundation, the continuous development of methods, differentiated access to socio-political debates and a variety of interdisciplinary collaboration in national and international scientific contexts.

Please contact or visit us. Our office is located in Essen, Germany, Universitätsstr. 2, Building S06, 5th floor, room B46.