November 2021

Jürgen Osterhammel / Jan C. Jansen, Kolonialismus: Geschichte, Formen, Folgen
9. vollständig überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage (München: C.H. Beck, 2021). read more

Aug 2021

Megan Maruschke: "The French Revolution and the New Spatial Format for Empire: A Nation-State with Imperial Extensions" Read more

Manuel Covo, Megan Maruschke: "The French Revolution as an Imperial Revolution" Read more

July 2021

Thomas Mareite, "An unlawful and contemptible adventure": the Ducoudray-Holstein expedition and US foreign policy in the early 1820s Caribbean.

May 2021

Sabine Hanke, ‘Performing National Identity in the Interwar Period: The Sarrasani Circus in Germany and Latin America’, New Theatre Quarterly 37.2 (2021), S. 190-201. DOI

May 22, 2021

Valeska Huber, Jan C. Jansen, and Martin Rempe (eds.), “Cosmopolitanism in the Nineteenth Century,” Dossier, Humanity 12, no. 1 (2021).

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Introduction “Dealing with Difference: Cosmopolitanism in the Nineteenth Century World of Empires” by Valeska Huber and Jan C. Jansen available open access here

Feb 19, 2021

Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs, Jan C. Jansen, and Elizabeth Mancke (eds.), The Fraternal Atlantic, 1770-1930: Race, Revolution, and Transnationalism in the Worlds of Freemasonry (London: Routledge, 2021).

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Oct 6, 2020

Jan C. Jansen and Simone Lässig (eds.), Refugee Crises, 1945–2000: Political and Societal Responses in International Comparison (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

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