IMCES Calendar "Life Beyond Vision" 2022

Submission of image proposals for the next calendar is very welcome!

In case you should have any interesting images of aesthetic value taken on IMCES instruments in light- or electron microscopy you are cordially invited to submit them to us as image proposals for the new calendar "Life Beyond Vision" edited by the IMCES until July 31st 2021. As it was performed in 2020 (see here) all intersted people from our university will vote the best proposals for inclusion in the 2022 edition.

Please note that we will only consider images taken at the IMCES for which you have the exclusive copyright (thus images published or submitted for publication usually cannot be considered). Further your group leader has to agree. Please send your image proposals to

All images will remain the property of the users and/or IMCES. Accordingly, we prohibit their use by third parties without obtaining prior consent. We just require a legally binding permission for print and publication on our web pages.