IMCES Calendar "Life Beyond Vision"

Calendar motifs proposed in 2021 for voting

So far, the choice of motifs has been made by a small committee consisting of staff from IMCES and the Department of Strategy, Communication and Marketing in the Dean's Office of the UDE Medical Faculty. However, since the calendar is intended to represent the entire university, we believe that all employees should have the right to participate in the selection of motifs. For this reason, we offered interested university staff the opportunity to vote on a wide range of IMCES user contributions for the "Life Beyond Vision Calendar 2021" until 27.09.2020. You can see the proposals on this page and the result of the voting is published here.

All images are the property of the users and/or IMCES. Accordingly, we prohibit their use by third partoes without obtaining prior consent.

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This was the voting procedure

  • The 2021 calendar contains a total of 13 motif elements: 1 cover picture and 12 monthly pictures. Accordingly, we asked all participants to enter up to 13 motifs in the online selection form.

  • The order in which the motifs were named was irrelevant. Only the first motif should correspond to the wish of the title motif. This choice was evaluated with 2 votes.

  • At the end of the voting process, the motifs with the 13 most entries were determined. The motif with the highest number of votes was selected as title image.

  • All employees with an e-mail address of the University of Duisburg-Essen or the University Hospital Essen were entitled to vote. Votes with e-mail addresses of other formats and double votes from one e-mail address were sorted out.

  • The final voting result is published here.

  • Five "Life Beyond Vision 2021" calendars were raffled among all participants.

  • in 2020 the winners were:  M. Sauerland,  H. Döpper, C. Helfers, C. Sehl und S. Öztürk - Congratulations! 

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