IMCES Calendar "Life Beyond Vision"

Results of the motif vote for 2021

As announced, the doors closed on 27.09.2020 for the first general vote on the "Life Beyond Vison" calendar motifs 2021. The phenomenal participation of 189 voters from different areas has shown that we reach and inspire quite a few people at the UDE and UKE with our project, which will definitely motivate us to continue to publish the calendar in the coming years.

In 2020 the winners of the 5 calendars were:  M. Sauerland,  H. Döpper, C. Helfers, C. Sehl und S. Öztürk

Over the voting days the general favorite #17 crystallized quite quickly. With all other motifs there was a close neck-and-neck race, until the end. Besides the cover picture #17, motifs #5, #10, #35, #1, #4, #6, #27, #22, #16, #8 and #18 made it into the calendar in the end. Based on the number of votes, motif #7 also made it into 12th place, ahead of motif #18 but since this image is based on the same specimen as motif #8, with just a different visualization method applied, we decided to exchange motif #7 for the motif with the 14th most votes, motif #31. 

Thus the "Life Beyond Vision" calendar 2021 contains the following motifs:

Motif 17 (title page)

173 votes

Motif 5

138 votes

Motif 10

110 votes

Motif 35

100 votes

Motif 1

96 votes

Motif 4

92 votes

Motif 6

92 votes

Motif 27

88 votes

Motif 22

84 votes

Motif 16

77 votes

Motif 8

73 votes

Motif 18

69 votes

Motif 31

66 votes

We are very grateful to everybody who contributed by sending image proposals!


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