Visiting International Students: After Arrival

First Steps

A checklist of all the important administrative tasks for your first few days and weeks at the UDE

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Daily Life

Your guide to everything from meeting new friends to learning German and navigating practicalities of everyday life in Germany

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Student Life

Tips and tricks for studying at the UDE including registration, online learning platforms, University Library and more...

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Who can help?

You will find answers to some of the most common questions on these pages. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send an email or come to the Office Hours for Exchange Students.

Some useful contacts for questions that can't be answered by the International Office:

Questions about...


Contact details...

Learning Agreements and Course Selection Faculty Coordinator Can be found on your Learning Agreement
Accommodation issues, WiFi in Student Housing etc. Studierendenwerk Website
Stammtisch and signing up for trips and activities TSC Facebook/Instagram/Website


First Steps

At your enrollment, you were given the following important documents:

  • Certificate of Enrollment "Studienbescheinigung"
  • Payment Slip "Überweisungsträger"
  • Computer Login "Uni-Kennung"
  • Semesterticket

A short description of these documents can be found here.

Here is a checklist of tasks to be completed after enrollment

Pay the Semester Contribution (Fee) within two weeks after your arrival
If you are from an EU country, it’s possible to pay it from your home account through IBAN
or pay cash at a bank (+ 15 € administration fee)
or open a new bank account here and transfer the social contribution
or ask a friend with a German bank account to make the transfer for you
If the Semester Contribution is not paid, you will be exmatriculated.

Print a valid “Studienbescheinigung”
You should wait approximately 4-5 days after you pay the semester contribution then use your “Uni-Kennung” to login to the HIS online portal) where you can print a valid version of your Studienbescheinigung.
Instructions can be found here

Activate your Wi-Fi access and your Webmail address
You will find your uni login (“Unikennung”) and password on the document we gave you on Arrival Day. You have to activate your Webmail address to use the study platforms at the UDE. There are helpdesks called e Points in the library if you have problems.

Download the myUDE App and activate your NRW Semester ticket
Download and login to the myUDE App
Mobility -> Semester ticket
Further Information can be found here (German language)

Placement test for IOS German course (deadline 07.10.2021)
If you wish to register for an IOS German course, you will need to take an online placement test first then register for the appropriate course.
Further Information can be found on the IOS website.

Certificate of Arrival/ Stay/ Attendance
We will provide you with a Certificate of Arrival. If you need a different version for your home university, you can bring it to the open Office Hours for Exchange Students in the International Office, we will be happy to sign it for you.

Registration at the City hall/Immigration authority
For EU students:
Please register yourself at the “Bürgeramt" or "Bezirksamt” office of the city you live in. If you have a Buddy, you can ask them to help you.

For Non-EU-students:
You will receive further details about your appointment from the International Office.
Please make sure to bring the “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung“ to the appointment (ask your landlord) and a valid “Studienbescheinigung” which means you must pay the Semester fee and then print yourself a valid “Studienbescheinigung” (see above).

Daily Life

There are many websites offering information for foreign students at the UDE and in Germany. We have put together a collection of useful links...

Check out the UDE Welcome Service Website. This page was designed for international researchers but a lot of the information will be useful for students too!

The Studierendenwerk has lots of information for UDE students; from culture to cuisine... it's worth checking their website.

Check out the TutorenServiceCenter (TSC) website or go to one of the meetings to make new friends and ask your questions about life in Germany and at the UDE.

The DAAD website covers a lot of topics for international students in Germany. We think the most useful sections are Preparing for Germany and First Steps in Germany

Student Life

How do I print my Certificate of Enrolement? What is HISinOne? Where can I go with my Semesterticket and how do I register for classes and exams?? You will have lots of questions at the beginning... that's normal!

We have put together a guide full of information and useful links for new students on the Orientation Moodle. The International Office will send you a link when you complete enrolment. If you have any more questions, ask a TSC tutor!