Papers 2016Papers of the Faculty of Mathematics

Nr. 791: BAUER, S., PAULY, D.:
On Korn’s First Inequality for Mixed Tangential and Normal Boundary Conditions on Bounded Lipschitz-Domains in \( \mathbb{R}^\mathbb{N} \) [PDF]

Nr. 792: ANJAM, I., PAULY, D.:
Functional A Posteriori Error Control for Conforming Mixed Approximations of Coercive Problems with Lower Order Terms [PDF]

Nr. 793: HERKENRATH, U.:
"Ars conjectandi” und die Natur des Zufalls [PDF]

Nr. 794: ROBERT, J. M., GHIBA, I., NEFF, P. :
Rank-one convexity implies polyconvexity for isotropic, objective and isochoric elastic energies in the two-dimensional case [PDF]

Nr. 795: FISCHLE, A., NEFF, P.:
The geometrically nonlinear Cosserat micropolar shear-stretch energy. Part I: A general parameter reduction formula and energy-minimizing microrotations in 2D [PDF]

Nr. 796: MÜNCH, I., NEFF, P., MADEO, A., GHIBA, I.:
The modified indeterminate couple stress model: Why Yang et al.'s arguments motivating a symmetric couple stress tensor contain a gap and why the couple stress tensor may be chosen symmetric nevertheless [PDF]

Nr. 797: MADEO, A., GHIBA, I., NEFF, P., MÜNCH, I.:
A new view on boundary conditions in the Grioli-Koiter-Mindlin-Toupin indeterminate couple stress model [PDF]

Nr. 798: CLAUS, M.:
On stability in risk averse stochastic bilevel programming [PDF]

A Note on Stability for Risk Averse Stochastic Complementary Problems [PDF]

Nr. 800: PAULY, D., PICARD, R.:
A Note on the Justification of the Eddy Current Model in Electrodynamics [PDF]

Nr. 801: PAULY, D., YOUSEPT, I.:
A Posteriori Error Analysis for the Optimal Control of Magneto-Static Fields [PDF]

Nr. 802: ZIMMERMANN, A.:
Martingale solutions for a pseudomonotone evolution equation with multiplicative noise [PDF]

Nr. 803: TENNSTÄDT, T.:
Mean convexity of the zero set of symmetric minimal surfaces [PDF]

Nr. 804: TENNSTÄDT, T.:
Hölder continuity for continuous solutions of the singular minimal surface equation with arbitrary zero set [PDF]

Nr. 805: PAULY, D., ZULEHNER, W.:
On Closed and Exact Grad grad- and div Div-Complexes, Corresponding Compact Embeddings for Symmetric Rotations, and a Related Decomposition Result for Biharmonic Problems in 3D [PDF]

Bernstein results for symmetric minimal surfaces of controlled growth [PDF]

Existence of Entropy Solutions to a Doubly Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation [PDF]

Nr. 808: ZIMMERMANN, A.:
On a pseudomonotone evolution equation with multiplicative noise [PDF]

Nr. 809: PAULY, D.:
Solution Theory and Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates for General First Order Systems with Applications to Electro-Magneto-Statics [PDF]

Nr. 810: ANJAM, I., PAULY, D.:
An Elementary Method of Deriving A Posteriori Error Equalities and Estimates for Linear Partial Di fferential Equations [PDF]

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