All research projects of the CRC 1242 at a glance



The research programme consists of three areas:

Area A     Area B     Area C                        

A1 Geller, Lorke Time-Resolved Electrical Non-Equilibrium Spectroscopy on Artificial Atoms and Molecules
A2 König Charge Carrier Dynamics in Nanostructures
A3 Bobisch, Möller Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Nanoscopic Objects for Competing Processes
A4 Schlücker Photoinduced Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Molecular Adsorbates: From Ensemble to Single-Molecule Experiments
A5 Bovensiepen, Tarasevitch, Wende Femtosecond Time-Resolved Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy for an Element Specific Analysis of Complex Nanostructures
B1 Ligges, Bovensiepen Local and Non-Local Relaxation Dynamics of Hot Carriers
B2 Kratzer Ab-Initio Simulation of Electronic Excitation and Relaxation
B3 Schützhold Quench Dynamics in Interacting Quantum Many-Body Systems
B4 Horn-von Hoegen Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of the Phonon System
B6 Meyer zu Heringdorf Relaxation Pathways for Collective Electronic Excitations
B7 König, Kratzer, Schützhold Unifying Theoretical Description of Relaxation in Electron Systems
B8 Turchinovich Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Solids Probed by Terahertz Fields
C1 Sokolowski-Tinten Structural Dynamics in Impulsively Excited Nanostructures
C2 Pentcheva Coupling between Structural and Electronic Excitations: an ab-initio Investigation


Horn-von Hoegen Driven Phase Transitions at Surfaces: Initial Dynamics, Hidden States and Relaxation
C4 Hasselbrink Time-Resolved 2D-IR-Spectroscopy at Adsorbate Layers
C5 Schleberger, Sokolowski-Tinten, Wucher Exploring Particle-Induced Excitations in the Time Domain