All research projects of the CRC 1242 at a glance



The research programme consists of three areas:

Area A     Area B     Area C                        

A1 Geller, Lorke Time-Resolved Electrical Non-Equilibrium Spectroscopy on Artificial Atoms and Molecules
A2 König

Charge Carrier Dynamics in Nanostructures

A3 Bobisch, Möller Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Nanoscopic Objects for Competing Processes
A4 Schlücker Photoinduced Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Molecular Adsorbates: From Ensemble to Single-Molecule Experiments
A5 Bovensiepen, Tarasevitch, Wende Femtosecond Time-Resolved Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy for an Element Specific Analysis of Complex Nanostructures
B1 Ligges, Bovensiepen Local and Non-Local Relaxation Dynamics of Hot Carriers
B2 Kratzer Ab-initio Simulation of Electronic Excitation and Relaxation
B3 Schützhold Quench Dynamics in Interacting Quantum Many-Body Systems
B4 Horn-von Hoegen Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of the Phonon System
B6 Meyer zu Heringdorf Relaxation Pathways for Collective Electronic Excitations
B7 König, Kratzer, Schützhold Unifying Theoretical Description of Relaxation in Electron Systems
C1 Sokolowski-Tinten Structural Dynamics in Impulsively Excited Nanostructures
C2 Pentcheva Coupling between Structural and Electronic Excitations: an ab-initio Investigation


Horn-von Hoegen Driven Phase Transitions at Surfaces: Initial Dynamics, Hidden States and Relaxation
C4 Hasselbrink Time-Resolved 2D-IR-Spectroscopy at Adsorbate Layers
C5 Schleberger, Sokolowski-Tinten, Wucher Exploring Particle-Induced Excitations in the Time Domain