Area B: Analysis and Model Materials

Area B will provide comprehensive and detailed characterization with regard to the bulk and surface of the CRC/TRR’s prototype catalysts using structure analysis and various spectroscopic methods. A common research focus in all projects of Area B is the decoupling of the ideal crystal structure from the defective real structure of the oxide materials, the latter including surface effects, structural de- fects, as well as size and shape effects. The empirical correlations of catalytic performance (Area A) and synthesis parameters (Area C) will be understood based on the structural (geometric and electron-ic) and physical properties investigated here. Thus, Area B serves as a bridge between the Areas A and C. The catalysts from Area C will be compared to model materials prepared in Area B to calibrate the analytical methods in this area, which will deliver a quantitative description of defect structures, charge-carrier dynamics, charge transfer at surfaces (and onto cocatalysts), and redox chemistry of the materials as a function of the composition, structure, and reaction condition variations of the CRC/TRR’s Comparative Study. The work in Area B will be supported by the Service project S providing additional analysis methods to the consortium

Coordinator Area B

Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl

Phone: +49 208 306 - 3595

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Department Heterogeneous Reactions
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion