Thermal Catalysis: Activity and Selectivity Patterns of Transition Metal Oxides in Different Oxidation Reactions

Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens
Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler

Project A1 focusses on thermal catalysis in the liquid phase under mild conditions using the mixed iron-cobalt spinel and perovskite catalysts synthesized in Area C with well-defined real structure. Isopropanol, cyclohexane and cyclohexene will be oxidized with O2 as the main oxidant using H2O2 and tert-butyl hydroperoxide in addition. The toolbox of gas-phase methods including temperature-programmed methods for the determination of the redox properties and probe molecules to assess acid-base properties will be applied to the Co1+xFe2-xO4 and LaCo1-x FexO samples. Together with the results obtained from Area B, structure-activity correlations will be established.

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