Principal Investigator Martin Muhler

Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler

Phone: +49 234 32-28754

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Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ruhr-University Bochum

Project Area AA1: Thermal Catalysis: Activity and Selectivity Patterns of Transition Metal Oxides in Different Oxidation Reactions

Project A1 focusses on thermal catalysis in the liquid phase under mild conditions using the mixed iron-cobalt spinel and perovskite catalysts synthesized in Area C with well-defined real structure.

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Project Area AA3: Structure–Activity Correlations in Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

Project A3 uses the mixed iron-cobalt spinel and perovskite nanoparticles received from Area C as cocatalysts, which will be deposited on ZnGa2O4 and SrTiO3 as d0/d10 photoabsorbers. Relevant photocatalytic oxidation reactions are the selective oxidation of short-chain alcohols such as isopropanol and the evolution of oxygen (OER).

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Selected Publications

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