Identifying Composition-Processing-Defect- Structure-Property Correlations in Continuous (La-Sr-)Fe-Co-O Thin Film Composition Spreads

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig
Prof. Dr. Tong Li

Project C4 investigates CRC/TRR’s prototype mixed metal oxide systems using continuous composition spread thin films (CCS) where materials with well-defined composition gradients are synthesised by combined reactive sputtering and thermal treatment. Aims are to identify active composition–structure combinations in the Ludwig group and to provide fundamental insight into the interplay of composition and defect structures at the atomic scale in the Li group. Nanoscale chemistry and structure before and after electrochemical performance testing will be examined by correlative atom-probe tomography (APT) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to generate composition–processing–structure–catalytic-activity correlation maps.

Scientific staff

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Dr. Aleksander Kostka +49 234 32 28982 E-Mail
Dr. Yujiao Li +49 234 32 26160 E-Mail
Dr. Sigurd Thienhaus +49 234 32 29972 E-Mail
Chenglong Luan +49 234 32 29932 E-Mail
Tobias Piotrowiak +49 234 32 29397 E-Mail
Xiao Wang +49 234 32 29898 E-Mail
Weikai Xiang +49 234 32 29932 E-Mail