Principal Investigator Alfred Ludwig

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ludwig

Phone: +49 234 32 27492

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Institute for Materials
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Ruhr-University Bochum

Project Area CC4: Identifying Composition-Processing-Defect- Structure-Property Correlations in Continuous (La-Sr-)Fe-Co-O Thin Film Composition Spreads

Project C4 investigates CRC/TRR’s prototype mixed metal oxide systems using continuous composition spread thin films (CCS) where materials with well-defined composition gradients are synthesised by combined reactive sputtering and thermal treatment.

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Selected Publications

  1. R. Gutkowski, C. Khare, F. Conzuelo, Y.U. Kayran, A. Ludwig, W. Schuhmann (2017) Unraveling Compositional Effects on the Light-Induced Oxygen Evolution in Bi(V-Mo-X)O4 Material Libraries, Energy & Environmental Science, 10, 1213 - 1221
  2. H. Stein, R. Gutkowski, A. Siegel, W. Schuhmann, A. Ludwig (2016) New materials for the light-induced hydrogen evolution reaction from the Cu-Si-Ti-O system, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 3148 - 3152
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