Synthesis of Transition Metal Oxides with Controlled Mesostructure

Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens
PD Dr. Harun Tüysüz

Project C1 develops scalable and reproducible synthesis methods based on aqueous chemistry and hard templating for transition metal oxide powders of the spinel- and perovskite-types with controllable physical and chemical properties. Porosity and morphology will be controlled by hard templating (nanocasting) in the Tüysüz group and the crystalline precursor decomposition in the Behrens group. The materials will be selected for the CRC/TRR’s central Comparative Study based on screening tests for CO oxidation in the gas phase and for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution (OER) and cerium redox probe reactions in the liquid phase.

Scientific staff

Name Phone E-Mail
Dr. Klaus Friedel Ortega +49 431 880 6738 E-Mail
Dr. Sharif Najafishirtari +49 203 379 8234 E-Mail
Eko Budiyanto +49 208 306 2374 E-Mail
Anna Rabe +49 201 183 3379 E-Mail