Synthesis of Spinel-Type Materials with Tailored Composition and Morphology

Prof. Dr. Stephan Schulz

Project C3 establishes synthesis protocols for structurally and morphologically well-defined spinel-type mixed-metal oxide AIIBIIIO4 nanoparticles (e.g., A = Co2+; B = Fe3+) based on thermal decomposition of molecular precursor solutions. Nanoparticle size and shape is controlled by the reaction time and temperature as well as the use of capping agents. The cation composition will be varied systematically within the boundaries defined in the CRC/TRR’s Comparative Study yielding a series of cobalt-, iron-, and mixed cobalt-iron-oxides, in which the spinel-type structure is preserved.

Scientific staff

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Dr. Georg Bendt +49 201 18 32137 E-Mail
Sascha Saddeler +49 201 18 36152 E-Mail