Spray-Flame Synthesis of Catalyst Nanoparticles

Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz

Project C2 develops spray-flame synthesis methods for nanoscale Fe- and Co-containing spinels and perovskites with well-defined composition, size, and morphology. The high-temperature gas-phase synthesis process allows generating metastable materials, including compositions far away from thermodynamic stability limits that are stabilized as a consequence of rapid cooling of the particles after their formation. The goal is the synthesis of phase-pure catalyst nanoparticle families for the CRC/TRR, where composition and the real structure are modified over a wide range independent of each other by incremental variation of the precursor composition and the process parameters.

Scientific staff

Name Phone E-Mail
Dr. Hartmut Wiggers +49 203 379 8087 E-Mail
Steven Angel +49 203 379 8084 E-Mail