Early Career Support and Gender Equality

About CRC/TRR 247 Early Career Support and Gender Equality

The success of CRC/TRR 247 strongly depends on the participating people. We are committed to provide comprehensive measures for equal opportunity and gender equality to all members involved in CRC/TRR 247.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) provides separate funds to make jobs in science and academia more family friendly and to support female researchers in their academic qualifications and career developments. CRC/TRR 247 scientists may apply for these fundings according to the DFG-guidelines (Deutsch, English).

CRC/TRR 247 Early Career Support Support for young CRC/TRR 247 scientists

CRC/TRR 247 will offer a platform and various measures to support young scientists in the early stages of their careers. Listed here are a number of useful information, resources and opportunities.

DFG Funding chain scheme

DFG Funding Chain Appropriate funding options at each career stage

DFG grant program Research Fellowships

Research fellowships by the DFG can be used to conduct a specific research project and learn new methods directly after your PhD - at a location abroad of your choice.

This is a great chance for your first grant application (success rate for DFG research fellowships: about 70 %).

Proposals may be submitted at any time by applicants with a doctorate!
Please note that you may also apply once your thesis has been submitted.

Funding duration: 3 months to 2 years (+ 6 months return grants)

More information

CRC/TRR 247 Early Career Support Support for young female CRC/TRR 247 scientists

Because women are underrepresented at the management level in science and academia, career advancement measures for female scientists, especially in their early career stages, will be facilitated and offered in CRC/TRR 247 in the framework of the EMPOWER programme.

EMPOWER is a career programme to promote women in CRC/TRR 247 through targeted and individualized training and qualification. Every young female CRC/TRR 247 scientist (PhD and PostDoc) can take part in one individual coaching per year. Therefore, just send your request per mail to Dr. Franziska Günther. More information about the EMPOWER programme and a selection of coaching topics is presented here.
Photo of game pieces in different colours connecting to another

Early Career Support: Individual Coaching Self-Presentation and Networking for Women in Science

The focus lies on self-marketing strategies and personal performance in settings such as international conferences, daily lab situations and meetings in general.

Workshop contents
◆ Career landscape: Assessment and milestones
◆ Setting up a conversation: Small talk as a tool
◆ Elevator pitch to introduce professional work
◆ Body language / self-confident appearance

This coaching is particularly helpful for young female researchers who would like to explore their skills in a trustful environment, in which solutions are found for each individual style and character.

Kathrin Keune, consultant and performing artist, holds a Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching and Education and earned a B.A. in the performing arts. She worked in a San Diego based medical research laboratory throughout her 6 year stay in Southern California, USA. Kathrin Keune offers trainings on scientific presentation, communication and leadership at various universities.

This workshop is addressed to female (post) doctoral researchers of CRC/TRR 247.
If you are interested in such an individual coaching, please contact Dr. Franziska Günther.

CRC/TRR 247 Childcare Support for families


The parent-child-rooms in Duisburg (MC 247) and Essen (T03 R04 D57​) are open to members of the CRC/TRR 247. You can take your own children to work and use the fully furnished office rooms.

The rooms offer

  • a desk and an office chair, telephone and internet access
  • children’s furniture
  • a baby bed
  • a wrapping table
  • a variety of toys and games
  • children’s books
  • paper and paints for drawing

When using this room

  • do not remove inventory
  • clean used stuff before you leave
  • clean up the room and do not leave personal belongings

Short information to parent-child-rooms

  Campus Duisburg Campus Essen
Where MC 247,
Lotharstr. 1
T03 R04 D57​,
Universitätsstr. 2
When upon agreement upon agreement

and contact

MC 246
during office hours
Sandra Knoblich

S05 T02 B41
during office hours
Dr. Lydia Didt-Koziel

  Further information Further information

Kids Box in Duisburg and Kids Table in Essen

CRC/TRR 247 members can take the Kids Box in Duisburg (in MC247) and the Kids Table in Essen (in T03 R04 D57) and move it easily to their office, seminar room or other places.
The Kids Box in Duisburg is equipped with a travel bed, basic equipment needed for changing diapers, pens and painting supplies, a variety of toys, games and books. More information about the Kids Table are available here.
The Kids Table in Essen is equipped with crayons, felt pens and colouring books, a cd recorder with headphone and a variety of audio books, a variety of other toys and games, comics and books.


Parent-child-room in Duisburg


Parent-child-room in Essen