Charge Carrier Dynamics in Spinel and Perovskite Oxides

Prof. Dr. Gerd Bacher

The subproject B3 aims at identifying the main kinetic bottlenecks of charge carrier dynamics in photocatalytic and electrocatalytic processes. Therefore, the project focuses on elaborating the mutual relation between real structure, charge carrier dynamics and catalytic activity of spinel and perovskite catalysts. In particular, the influence of competing loss mechanisms and intra- and inter-material charge transfer dynamics on the catalytic performance will be addressed. The results will allow conclusions on how hole lifetimes can be enhanced to improve the catalytic activity.

Scientific staff

Name Phone E-Mail
Dr. Tilmar Kümmell +49 203 379 3403 E-Mail
Laura Kampermann +49 203 379 3189 E-Mail
Julian Klein +49 203 379 3189 E-Mail