You have several options, if you want to carry out research at the University of Duisburg-Essen, but do not have a contract of employment:

  • Funding Database of EURAXESS Deutschland
    This database provides information on funding programs offered for scholars at advanced career stages by funding organisations in Germany (including the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation). The emphasis here is on transnational mobility.  
  • Scholarship Database of the DAAD
    This database is aimed primarily at foreign students, graduates and postdocs. Please note that in many cases you have to apply for these scholarships from your home country. You can obtain country-specific information, dates, places and advice at the DAAD  Web site. Application forms and Information Sheets for DAAD grants and scholarships are available in the Downloads area.
    There is also special information for researchers from medical fields and for artists
  • Research Funding Department of the Science Support Centre
    This department can inform and advise you about the entire spectrum of national and international funding opportunities for basic research and applied research. This includes funding of individual research projects, small and medium-sized research cooperations and large integrated or collaborative projects.

Research in Germany

You can find further information in the brochure The German doctorate - A guide for doctoral candidates. From page 29 it provides information on the topic of finance.