Zu sehen ist ein Arzt, der mit medizinischem Gerät hantiert.
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Doctors, Hospital and Health

If you are ill, your first port of call is a general practitioner. Only go to hospital if there is an emergency or you need treatment following an accident. You need a proof of health insurance cover to receive treatment. In case of an emergency call 112 for fire brigade and ambulance.

Es ist ein stark bewölkter Himmer zu sehen.
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The weather is often changeable. You have to be prepared for cold spells and rain even in summer (it can be hot, but also between 18-21°C only). During autumn and winter it is rainy, stormy and cold most of the time. You are, therefore, recommended to bring warm clothes with you from home.

Zu sehen ist eine Steckdosenleiste.
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German electrical power points use 220 V and 50 Hz alternating current. Euronorm plugs fit all power points. Depending on where you come from you may have to use an adapter or transformer.

Das Bild zeigt mehrere Einkaufswagen


You can either shop in a "normal" supermarket or in a discounter. In contrast to the normal supermarkets, discounters usually have a smaller range of products, but lower prices.

We have compiled an overview of supermarkets near the Campus Duisburg and the Campus Essen for you.


You can find general information about Germany on the following websites:

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Emergency contacts of UDE and doctors

Here you will find emergency contacts:

In case of an accident at work, please contact a doctor from this website.