Dining Halls & Cafeterias

Dining Halls

Every day various meal choices with different side dishes, and including a vegetarian dish, are on offer. The meals are priced between 4 and 5 euros. In addition, in the main cafeteria offers a daily salad bar and, in alternating weeks, a vegetable or pasta bar that costs 0.70 euros per 100 grams. Quark and yoghurt dishes round out the choices. 

The weekly menu is displayed at various centrally located positions on the campuses and online at:

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In addition to the main dining hall (the Mensa), several cafeterias located centrally on both campuses serve food all day long. They offer a rich assortment of sandwiches and baguettes, baked goods, cold and warm drinks, sweets, and short orders of various kinds.
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Dining Hall Card

In the dining halls and cafeterias you can only pay cashless with a prepaid dining hall card or a bank card. If you possess a dining hall card issued by the Student Services Office, you do not have to pay the same price as guests in the dining halls but only the lower price for students and university employees. The card can be issued to all the employees of the University (an ID from the human resources department (Personaldezernat) is therefore necessary when applying for the card) and is valid only during the duration of the holder’s employment.

  • The card for employees (also valid as a University ID and an integrated library ID) can be applied for during office hours at any of the Registrar’s Offices (Einschreibungs- und Prüfungswesen, Dez 3.1). The card is free and you require simply a personal photograph in 4 x 3 cm format.
  • Doctoral candidates receive a student ID with the integrated refectory card and library ID when they enroll.
  • The ‘Guest ID Card’ has the same function.
  • Or you can apply at Student Services for a White Card, which requires a refundable deposit of 5€. 

Additional information on the refectory card from Student Services can be obtained here: Dining Hall Card