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The University of Duisburg-Essen has established the Dual Career Service to take account of the situation of double-career couples during the negotiations leading up to the appointment of professors. The Dual Career Service makes information available to double-career couples and provides support and assistance during the search for an adequate position or other options enabling the prospective professor's spouse to stay on their chosen career path.


Mr Christopher Bauer
+49 203 379 2148

The Family Service Office is available for family issues: familienservice@uni-due.de

Job Offers

You will find job offers in the weekend editions of newspapers, on online portals, via advertisements on notice boards or at the employment offices of the Federal Employment Agency. EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal – contains job offers and helpful information for all who wish to take advantage of Freedom of Movement for workers. In Germany, EURES advisers work at the employment agency job centres.

Federal Employment Agency Duisburg
Wintgensstr. 29–33
47058 Duisburg

Federal Employment Agency Essen
Berliner Platz 10
45127 Essen

Central hotline: 0800 4 5555-00

Online portals

On the following list we suggest some internet portals that specialize in job offers for academics, scientists and professionals:

Dual Career Network

The Dual Career Network Ruhr offers a contact point for academic staff to help find a suitable job for their partner.

You can find more information on this offer on the website of the Dual Career Network Ruhr.