Checklist - Before Your Departure

(Symbolbild) Ein blauer Koffer mit einem roten Pass, der unter den Träger geklemmt ist.
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Before you leave Germany, you will have do deal with some organisational matters:

  • Cancel all your contracts (tenancy agreement, mobile phone, electricity, gas, water etc.) and any subscriptions and memberships (newspapers, clubs etc.)
  • Find out if you have to complete a tax declaration (see "Taxes")
  • Arrange an appointment with an adviser at the "Rentenversicherungsanstalt" (pension scheme) (Essen, Duisburg or VBL) to discuss your pension entitlements
  • Check with your personnel department/your fellowship provider well in advance whether you will receive your final salary/fellowship payment before you leave the country
  • Sign off at your city. You can use this form (PDF) or an informal written information (which you have to sign). In the city of Essen, you can also use email, in the city of Duisburg you have to appear in person. In Essen, deregistration is possible, at the earliest, 14 days before you move out. In Duisburg it can be done 7 days before you move out. You can find more information here: Essen, Duisburg